Preparing For Your Trip To Beijing And More

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Preparing For Your Trip To Beijing And More. Do you want to explore a place that has the flavor of both the modern and the ancient? Well, we all know that China is a place of immense cultural heritage. The Chinese civilization dates back to thousands of years and hence when one sets foot on the Chinese soil, one is bound to get a feel of it. From ancient structures of world-famous repute to modern towering structures, China has occupied a foremost spot in today’s most famous tourist destinations. And if you are indeed planning on exploring the true Chinese spirit and wonder, then there is hardly a better place to visit than Beijing.

A little bit about Beijing

Well to begin with Beijing is the capital of China. It is a huge city and hosts quite the population. And why will Beijing not be this huge? It is one of the oldest cities in the world and it has been there for more than three centuries now! The city has grown with time and expanded its horizon as well. One of the most striking features of Beijing is that you will find a mix of the ancient and the modern here. That is, it has ancient structures lining the city boundaries and it has skyscrapers as well. While you will find the tradition and teachings of Taoism and Buddhism governing the daily practices of the people here, you will find them leading a life propelled by the modern technological fervor as well. There are many good cheap hotels in Beijing which are perfect for tourists who want to explore the city and hence finding the choicest accommodation will not be a problem here. All in all, Beijing perfectly captures the spirit of China and one cannot help but agree that it is truly the capital of this country.

Places to visit in Beijing

When in Beijing Trip, there is one thing that you can be absolutely sure of – you will never run out of places to explore. Steeped in history, Beijing boasts of hosting one of the Seven Wonders of the World. So, let’s find out, what Beijing has in store for us:

  • The Great Wall of China: Who hasn’t heard about the Great Wall of China, the country’s pride? This wonder of architecture is only about an hour away from Beijing and hence when in Beijing you have to visit this place. Stretching over a great length, only a section of the Great Wall is open to tourists. One can either undertake a walk on a slightly hilly terrain, or even opt for a cable car ride. The serene scene surrounding the wall also adds to the entire experience and makes it one worth remembering. Well there is one thing that you need to keep in mind – it can get a bit too crowded with people during the peak tourist hours and hence it is best that you head out for a visit to the Great Wall, as early as possible in the morning.
  • The Forbidden City or the Imperial Palace: If you want to know what grandeur for the royals meant, a tour through this place is something that you simply should never miss. It was built during the time of the Yuan Dynasty and was later extended over time, particularly during the Ming Dynasty. The total area of the Imperial Palace complex covers a whopping 720,000 square meters! Do you know why it is known as the Forbidden City? Well, this palace complex was exclusively for the royals and hence the common people were not allowed inside. Do take a tour of this complex, if ancient Chinese architecture fascinates you.
  • Tiananmen Square: China is hailed as a communist country across the globe and Tiananmen Square is the perfect epitome that reflects the communist idea of China. This area marks the celebration of the Chinese republic and hence has a lot of historical significance attached to it.
  • Tiantán: Also known as the Temple of Heaven, this is a complex of temples and Chinese temples have a unique feature of their own which you need to see with your eyes once to know. There are two major temples in this complex, representing the earth and heaven, one of which is rectangular in shape and the other one is a semi-circle. There are many interesting stories surrounding these temples and hence you really do need to take a tour of them!
  • Beijing Capital Museum: Which is the best place to visit if you are interested in learning about the culture and history of a place? Well, of course the museum! This is one of the most popular museums of the country and hence you will find a large collection of historical items and documents which will certainly help you to understand China and its philosophy much better!

Things to remember when visiting Beijing

If you are intent on planning a trip to Beijing then there are few things that you need to remember. Beijing is a busy city and hence finding your choice of accommodation in your preferred time might prove to be an issue if you do not get your booking done in the right time. When it comes to the hotels in Beijing, they are generally crowded during the tourist season, and hence, it is important that when you plan your trip, that is exactly when you get your booking done. Do research online and make a list of all the hotels that you think will be ideal for your stay and get your booking done through a reliable online site.

Along with the hotel booking, you will have to get your flight bookings done as well. Be aware of discounts and offers so that you can cut a sweet deal.

And lastly, you should make sure that your tourist visa is in order. There are certain formalities that one needs to take care of when applying for a tourist visa and hence it is best if you start the process early.

Beijing promises to be an experience truly worth remembering! So what are you waiting for? Start planning your trip to Beijing, now!