Pros and Cons of Using Essay Writing Services

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Top Benefits and Flaws of Using a Paper Writing Service

Academic essay writing is one of the critical elements of a college education. With different kinds of papers assigned in all subjects, teachers can evaluate the level of comprehension of the material and also check the ability to research and critical thinking (not mentioning creativity and style use). However, such an overload with writing papers often leads to requesting help as students just cannot handle all these tasks on their own. Thus they come up with the request, «Can I pay someone to do my homework?» and end up reading services reviews (like speedy paper reviews) choosing the best one. Although in most cases, they become a real life-saver, there are still some pros and cons to be discussed.

The key pro and contra of using a writing service

Writing-related tasks take almost 80% of studying time; that is why students look for ways to cope with the papers and deadlines pressure. To ease the stress and workload, many of them hire professional writing agencies that promise quick results and perfect quality. But just as many other things, they have both advantages and certain disadvantages over writing a paper on your own.

The writing service benefits:

  1. More free time. One of the key bonuses of hiring a writing service is getting the tasks off your hands so you can use this time for other activities (both studying and rest). It allows you to focus on more important tasks according to your priorities;
  2. Deadline followed. Time is one of the crucial factors, as many tasks are given with short timeframes. You can be sure (in most cases) that even if you placed an order with a 3-hour deadline, it would be met. You are the one who sets deadlines and requests for timely delivery;
  3. Error and plagiarism free. Usually, after the essay is completed, it is checked by an editor and is being proofread. Thus, grammar, punctuation, and style are controlled, and typos removed. Then the paper is going through plagiarism software to ensure 100% original result;
  4. Specific requirements. If a teacher gives you special notes or requirements on your paper, you can request a custom type of paper where these requirements will be followed;
  5. No research. You don`t need to spend hours for topic research and citation sources. The writer will do the job for you and ensures all sources are cited properly.

The writing service flaws:

  1. Money. If you can write a paper for free, hiring a writer, you need to spend some money, and the shorter your deadline is, the bigger this amount will be. It also depends on the number of pages, level, discipline and writer`s experience;
  2. Cheating. Although many students successfully use the writing services, some can be caught on cheating. One of the reasons can become a poor quality that you haven`t checked before handing it over, plagiarism, or just the ideal paper look (if all your previous works were average in quality, an instant perfect paper could draw the attention of your teacher);
  3. Time. Even if you order an essay, you still have to learn the topic and navigate in this information, and it still requires time and effort. So hiring a writer becomes just a temporary relief unless you have lots of money to be spent on all your writing assignments.