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Proven Tactics For Connecting With Authority Sites For Backlinks

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Backlinks are the mainstay of SEO as they have the potential to win the trust of Google and get a website to the top of search rankings. Building quality backlinks takes a lot of time and effort, but the benefits they deliver completely justify everything you spend on them. When it comes to creating ones that will strengthen your profile, connecting with authority sites is most important. You have to reach out to them effectively enough and provide quality content for convincing them to provide a link. However, this is easier said than done because authority site owners are likely to be fastidious. But pursuing them isn’t that tough if you take the right approach. Here are some proven tactics that go a long way.

Steer clear of promotional content

While the purpose of link-building is promoting your business, the last thing you should do is offer promotional content to the blogger. As a rule, they would look for quality content that provides useful information and real value for their readers. That’s exactly what you should offer when you approach them to buy links for your websites. Authority websites have a reputation to uphold and they would want it to reflect in every single piece of content they publish. Being promotional overrides the very purpose of serving the audience. So focus on content-driven submissions rather than sales pitches.

Stick to the site’s criteria 

As a rule of thumb, you must go through the site’s submission criteria carefully before pitching them for publishing your post. Unless you create content following the guidelines they have, you will neither be able to get a backlink nor build a long-term relationship with them. Whether it is topics, word count, tone of voice, format, or link placements, understand their expectations thoroughly before you write content for them. Ideally, you should offer something that matches their criteria perfectly in the first go because it would make a great impression. Make sure that every piece you create is original because nothing allows authority bloggers more than copied content. 

Be great with communication 

Amazing content is not the only thing to gain attention and build relationships with a niche-authority site. You need to be equally good with communication because that’s what builds the chain in the first place. Experts at outreachmonks emphasize the value of a great first outreach mail. Avoid long mails that talk too much about your website or get pushy about the opportunity. Pitch your article idea after thorough research on what they expect. Also, keep it short and simple because bloggers are often pressed for time. If they don’t respond to the initial mail, be sure to follow up but avoid hounding them with repeated mails because it just shows your desperation. 

A good outreach strategy is based on great communication, incredible content, and lots of patience. If you can nail this mix, you will be able to get the best backlinks to strengthen your link profile and the results will be visible sooner rather than later. So make sure that you give your best when it comes to connecting with the authority sites.