10 Best Alternative To Putlocker

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10 Best Alternative To Putlocker. Putlocker is a website, which users can use to watch, download, and stream movies. The channel was launched in 2011 and many visitors visited it to watch the online movies for free. Some countries like the UK have blocked the website so users of that country will not be able to visit the website. There are many alternatives that people can use to watch movies. Some websites have less while others have more features in comparison to Putlocker. In this article, we will discuss the alternatives of Putlocker.


This website is an alternative to Putlocker and has many movies related to many categories like action, fiction, romance, horror, and many more. Users can also find TV shows here. Users have the option of creating the account but if they do not do so, there is no problem as movies will be available to non-subscribers also. The quality of the available videos is high. The websites change its domain often to protect it from anti-piracy groups.


 This is a popular streaming website, which has gained popularity very soon after its launch. Thousands of movies and TV shows are available on this website. One thing that users should know about this website that it is blocked in many countries. In spite of this, it has millions of users. The quality of available videos is very high. Users have the option of downloading their videos along with their subtitles.


This is a website where users can watch good quality movies. It is a good alternative to Putlocker. The layout and the user interface of this website are very simple and users can use them without any technical help. Users can find many movies on this website. The website is updated regularly so the availability of new movies and TV shows is not an issue.


This is a website, which can be used for watching movies and TV shows online. Many genres are available like horror, action, suspense, romance, and many others. There are no ads in between the movies and this is a good thing as users get easily irritated with the ads. Users need not subscribe on the website but can use everything for free. The movies can also be downloaded and watched offline.

Amazon Prime

This is another popular alternative to Putlocker. The content available and its quality are good The services provided by this website is not free but still people like to watch the movies and also make payment. The fee is lower than that of the cable TV subscription.


Hulu is an alternative to the putlocker and it has many features that are better than its counterpart. The website contains many shows and movies and they can be streamed on any device. The website has a huge library, which can be accessed anywhere and anytime. Some movies have few ads while most of them do not have. The website opens well on computers, mobiles, and tablets.  Along with this, users can also find sports and news.


The website has many types of content and users can access them free of cost. The streaming is very fast and users also have the option of sharing the movies with friends and family.


This is another alternative of putlocker and users can find many movies with their image and a brief description. Most popular and unpopular movies are available here and many genres are available to choose from. The categories are available on the home page, which includes cartoons, horror, comedy, action, and many more.


This is a website, which users can use to entertain themselves by watching movies and TV shows. The content available here is divided into many categories, which include comedy, action, horror, family, kids, and many more. The TV series are categorized on the basis of countries.

Channel 131

This is a putlocker alternative but users cannot find enough content here. The users interface if the website is not good. But still, people can visit it for watching movies and TV shows. The website is updated regularly so the attested content is available here.

Final Verdict

These are a few websites, which are an alternative to the Putlocker website. The countries where putlocker is banned have the option of using these websites.