Queen Size Weighted Blanket for Taller People or Couples

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For a tall person waking up frequently at night to adjust the weighted blanket is a common problem, a larger queen size weighted blanket is a great option. A queen size blanket also works well for couples or a person who has the habit hogging most of the blankets at night. A heavy blanket is stuffed with weights for more restful sleep. Weighted blankets are becoming popular for their therapeutic benefits like better sleep quality, more melatonin, controlled anxiety level, improved mood, etc. These are especially useful for autism, ADHD, and restless leg syndrome.

Why do you need a queen size weighted blanket?

A weighted blanket gives the user the feel of being hugged during sleep. These blankets should be in proportion with the user’s body weight and size to create the perfect pressure stimulation for healthy sleep. Just like a dress needs to fit the body shape and size perfectly, a weighted blanket also needs to balance the user’s body weight. Clearly, one size does not fit all.

 Most manufacturers of weighted blankets don’t realize this customized need. This is where Gravity steps in to offer a range of sizes and weights to choose from. The queen size blankets by Gravity are specially designed for taller people and couples. 

Here is why you need a queen size weighted blanket.

  •  If a person is taller, then a normal size blanket may not cover their body completely. Or if it does, the movements could be restricted during sleep. They have to repeatedly adjust the blanket with every change in position during sleep.
  • If a person is on the heavier side then a regular size blanket may not cover the body comfortably. Also, the weight of a regular blanket may not balance his/ her body weight.
  • If the person loves to spread out their postures during sleep, a regular blanket may not cover them from all sides. A smaller blanket needs to be re-adjusted every time the person turns or twists.
  • If the person snuggles with the pillow or with his or her partner then a bigger blanket is needed to stay covered all night.

Benefits of Gravity Queen Size weighted blankets

Gravity blankets are designed with utmost care to give the perfect deep pressure touch stimulation during sleep. These organic cotton blankets are available with a soft duvet cover for the most comfortable sleep. 

Check out some of the exclusive features of their adult weighted blanket.

  1.   A large 90″ x 90″ blanket queen size or california king size to ensure the user stays covered all night no matter how you sleep.
  2.  Comes with a weight of 35lbs that perfectly balances the bodyweight of taller or bigger people to create deep touch stimulation in the pressure points.
  3. Their weighted blankets are stuffed with fine grade glass beads that are hypoallergenic. It also helps weight distribution across the entire blanket.
  4. High-quality gridded stitching on quilted Gravity blankets secures the weight and distributes it evenly throughout in any position.
  5. The outer cover is made of breathable cotton temperature control fabric for the best cooling to regulate body temperature for hot sleepers for a cozy sweat-free sleep.
  6. The duvet cover is attached to the blanket with the help of either ties and buttons or fastening zippers. This makes the removable cover easy to clean and machine washable.

Gravity is a top-rated brand of some of the best weighted blankets with a full warranty and generous return policy. They have a reputation for giving better and longer sleep than competitors like Minky, YNM weighted blankets, and others. The company takes care of every small detail in their blankets from design to looks. Their blankets are available in three neutral colors, grey, navy, and white to suit every décor. Gravity designs blankets are available in other blanket sizes too such as  72” x 48”  full-size and in weight of 15, 20, and 25 pound blanket weight because they believe everyone irrespective of their body type and size deserves a good night’s sleep. Gravity blankets and throw blankets are available on Amazon.