Questions to Ask Before Buying Coffee Capsules

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You received a new coffee making system as a gift. It is one that uses coffee capsules. You admit you’re intrigued by the idea of instant espresso, but you’re choosy about the coffee you drink as well as your green footprint. Your friend recommends you buy Lavazza® capsules. That sounds good, but you want to do your own research. What questions should you ask before buying coffee capsules from anyone?

How fresh is it? 

There are people who will drink anything in the morning. They just want it to be hot and have caffeine. You care about the smell, the taste, the whole coffee experience. Up till now, you’ve ground fresh beans every time you made coffee. Will coffee capsules give you that same experience?

Once it comes into contact with air it begins to sour. Most people don’t know this, they are used to drinking coffee that has sat in a grocery store for weeks. They’ve never had it the way it should be. Coffee capsules retain that fresh-ground taste until you are ready to enjoy it.

Will using coffee capsules hurt the environment? 

You recycle your coffee grounds and only buy from companies you trust. You care about the rainforest and always buy organic. It is true that many single-use coffee pods go to the landfill, but they don’t have to. Some companies are working to make single-use capsules that can be recycled. Most coffee pods can be recycled with a little extra work. The plastic is recyclable if you remove the foil top and rinse the inside. Many companies are working hard to improve the sustainability of the countries where they buy coffee. 

Can I afford it? 

You drink a lot of coffee. No, some machines will allow you to make a small pot. Ultimately, coffee capsules give you the freedom to drink a fresh cup whenever you want. You never have to worry about what to do with coffee left in the pot. You could heat it up in the microwave, but wouldn’t a fresh cup taste better? Even with friends over it’s better to let everyone decide on the strength and flavor of the coffee in their cup.

Finally, you might wonder where to buy coffee capsules. Most stores will carry coffee capsules. Like Gimoka Coffee UK. They carry a wide selection of premium coffees from Northern Italy. They have delicious artisan-crafted coffees. A delivery service will make it easy to buy Lavazza® compatible capsules. Having your coffee delivered means you never run out. No more frantic coffee runs to the grocery store where you may or may not find what you want. Do you really want to risk having to drink substandard coffee?

There are a lot of things to consider when buying coffee capsulesBest Coffee Makers.  If you take your coffee seriously, and I think you do, you want to make the right decision.