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6 Ways for a Real Estate Broker to Recruit like a Pro

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A brokerage who has great agents will prosper for sure as the agents are the workforce of any brokerage. It will be unacceptable for anyone to have unsuitable and unreliable agents for the job. It will ruin their business and that is why all brokerages need to recruit professional real estate agents that are suitable for the job and have the capabilities to become a top producer. To recruit agents like a professional you can use real estate recruiting email campaigns.

At any brokerage, hiring agents is one of the most problematic jobs to do. If you are a broker and manage a professional brokerage, then there are few things you can follow to hire a high potential recruit for your brokerage. Here are 6 ways for real estate broker to recruit agents.

Tracking the Recruiting Efforts

There could be a lot of ways to recruit agents to any brokerage but to find the appropriate way for your brokerage you have to set a tracking system that will track your recruiting efforts. It will help you to compare the results of the different steps of recruiting and find the most appropriate one for you. Some tools could help you with your tracking effort and you could try using one of them at your brokerage.

Using Culture to Convey the Value Proposition

Using culture to convey the value proposition is one of the effective methods for recruiting agents to any brokerage. Some broker even brews their own beer and spread the word about it. They don’t brew beer because they are all beer drinkers, but because they try to attract those people who will enjoy brewing beer with their co-workers. Brewing beer at the company will bring people from different departments together to celebrate their different commemorative achievements and milestones.

You will not attract every candidate with this strategy but you can attract those whom you ultimately want on your team. Some multinational companies have brand recognition and all the amenities one needs but creating a unique culture in your company will set you apart from other companies. It does not matter whether you brew beer or plays games you have to present what makes your company unique. A great way to show what is unique about your firm is by telling these types of stories in your company blog or other social platforms.

Use Nontraditional Channels to Reach Out

The first step before recruiting a real estate agent for your brokerage is to define the company’s value proposition and then identifying some candidates. According to research, ninety-four percent of real estate recruiters are active in LinkedIn on the other hand only around thirty-six percent of the candidates are active. That is the reason why you have to use nontraditional channels to find and reach out to your desirable candidates. You have to stay connected with them it will make you stand out from your competitors and also showcase your company’s creativity.

Listen, Care and Deliver at a Personal Level

Compared to just texting or online conversation, a face to face conversation is a more professional way to reach out to a candidate to recruit for your brokerage. In a face to face conversation, you can see the emotional expressions of your candidate that you would not be able to see in an online conversation. You can determine the impact of your value proposition by seeing their facial expression. You can freely listen to their needs and requirements and show your concern about it and also deliver the valuer proposition art a personal level.

Going Beyond Compensation

According to research on students who are preparing to enter the workforce, around fifty-eight percent of the students are ready to take a fifteen percent pay cut to work for great organizations who offer lower salaries compared to big companies, but provide a chance for them to work in an exciting environment. A lot of real estate brokers convince new recruits by showing them their work environment before talking about commissions or tools. The compensation is an important aspect to discuss in this competitive market, but valuing only the compensation and disregard the work environment will not provide a good result.

Slow and Steady Wins The Race

When you are racing to recruit an appropriate agent for the brokerage against other competitors, you have to keep in mind that slow and steady wins the race. If you find someone who is a great fit for your company but currently affiliated with someone else, you could just start by being friends and build a positive rapport. When things change for him you will have the chance to make your move.