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Real Estate Trends 2020: Everyone Needs To Know

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What does the real estate market in the UK have in store for us? This is the question that is on every buyer, seller, landlord and property investors mind. With the general election as well as after Brexit, the element of uncertainty in the UK real estate market has certainly decreased. As the prices of houses are slowly but steadily rising, the question we need to ask is whether this is just a momentary change to fix the market slump or is this a long-term growth? No one can predict the real estate market, not even the experts, but here are some real estate trends in 2020 that everyone must keep in mind.

Rise in prices

While the rise in prices might be slow, it is very steady. Researchers are expecting the prices of real estate in the UK to stay on the rise. After the financial slump of 2008, this is the first time in 13 years that the prices in all the regions in the UK are on an incline. Call up your estate agents in Claygate or Greenwich, or wherever it is that you want to buy property because the prices are on the rise.

Focus on smart homes

As more UK nationals have become aware of their carbon footprints, people are using smart technology in their homes to do their bit for the environment. Soon, smart homes will become the next big thing. Smart light bulbs, energy-efficient heating systems, smart thermostats etc are going to be the thing of the future, which is what potential buyers will look for in their next home.

Growing investor demand

With political stability has come growing investor demand. While a lot of big investors were holding off until Brexit, now, that Britain has left the EU, there is less uncertainty in the market. More domestic investors, as well as foreign investors, are considering buying real estate in the UK, especially prime properties such as Central London.

Increase in first-time buyers

Since the government has launched various schemes to promote homeownership, this number has been on the rise. Since houses have become more affordable for first-time buyers using schemes like Help to Buy which allows them an equity loan of 20 to 40 per cent, more and more first time buyers are using these schemes.

The wide gap between flat prices and house prices

As the gap between flat and house prices rises, people who are looking to move to bigger places are shifting out of central urban properties and moving to suburban properties. Given that the price of a four-bedroom house in a neighbourhood like Bath or Oxford will be much lesser than the price of a similar house in Central London, more and more people will choose to migrate towards the suburbs.

Increased foreign investments

As the pound falls, foreign investors will be more interested in the UK’s real estate market. Since the prices of prime properties are on a rise and will continue to grow, foreign investors are looking at prime properties in order to find a good bargain. It is the slump of the pound as the reduction in stamp duties that will allow foreign investors to find good deals.  

Focus on sustainable housing

Since the government is focusing on sustainable development and attempting to reduce the carbon footprint, we will see more suitable developments come up in 2020. These buildings and residential apartments will have rainwater collection systems, green roofs and so on. These homes will also have low carbon heating, which means that the energy consumed will be much lower. As the trend for sustainable development takes over the country, more buyers are going to start looking at sustainable developments as investments.

Growing urbanization

It is predicted that by 2025, there will be 2.5 million more people living in the UK than there are right now. An increase in population is directly proportional to an increase in housing demands. Buy to let properties are going to be high in demand since most people will prefer to live on rent as opposed to spending hundreds and thousands of pounds on buying a new home.

New housing projects in the pipeline

There are various new housing projects in the pipeline, in areas like Greenwich, Newham and Barnet, which will be the next on property investors lists. Since properties are well equipped with housing, shopping, parks and recreational centres and they’re well connected to central areas, these housing units will be in high demand. A lot of investors will buy off-plan properties and sell them for a profit once the development is complete, while some will invest in these units as buy to let properties.


While no one can be certain about what to expect in the future, the increase in customer confidence and as well as the reduced uncertainty around Brexit has certainly affected the real estate market of UK for the better, as of now.