Reasons to Take Your Child to a Speech Therapy Southlake

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When you notice your child having a speech problem early, the child will require speech therapy. This therapy is crucial for assessing and treating speech disorders and communication challenges. A speech-language pathologist or therapist can perform the procedure. Let’s review some reasons why you need to take your child to speech therapy Southlake.

1. Articulation Disorders

When your child develops an articulation disorder, it will prevent them from pronouncing some word sounds properly. A child with an articulation disorder may swap, add, distort, or drop word sounds when speaking. For instance, instead of a child saying “this,” the child will say “thith.”

If you notice your child with an articulation disorder, it would be best to take the child to a speech therapy clinic to correct the issue.

2. Receptive Disorders

Children with receptive language disorder have challenges understanding and processing information from others. When your child has a receptive disorder, you will notice that they appear uninterested most of the time when someone is speaking to them. The child will also have limited vocabulary and, in some cases, have challenges following directives.

Other challenges such as autism, head injury, and hearing loss can contribute to receptive language disorder.

3. Fluency Disorders

A fluency disorder can affect your child’s flow, rhythm, and speed of speech. Other signs of fluency disorder a child can display include grouping and stuttering.

A child with a stuttering concern struggles to get out sounds and may relay interrupted or blocked speech that is not easy to understand. In some cases, the child may repeat some words.

Most of the time, a child with a cluttering problem speaks very fast while combining words.

4. Expressive Disorders

A child with an expressive language disorder has some difficulty expressing or conveying messages. If your child develops an expressive disorder, the child will have challenges creating proper sentences and will use improper verb tenses when communicating.

The expressive disorder is linked with developmental injuries like hearing loss and Down syndrome

5. Resonance Disorders

When your child develops a resonance disorder, it can obstruct or block the regular airflow in and out of the oral or nasal cavities. This affects vibrations accountable for voice production quality.

Your child may also experience a resonance disorder when the velopharyngeal valve is impacted to prevent it from closing properly. This disorder is linked with swollen tonsils, cleft palate, and neurological disorders.

6. Cognitive-Communication Disorders

An injury to the brain can impact your child and cause a cognitive-communication disorder. This condition can destroy some parts of the brain responsible for controlling the ability to think. The effect of this disorder can lead to memory issues, difficulty speaking or listening, and problem-solving.

A child can develop cognitive-communication disorder due to biologically related problems like a brain injury, stroke, abnormal brain development, and neurological conditions.

7. Aphasia

Aphasia is an acquired disorder that can impact your child’s ability to understand others and speak properly. Sometimes, it can also alter a child’s ability to read and write. The most common cause of aphasia is stroke, and other brain disorders may also cause aphasia.

Speech therapy can help treat a wide range of language and speech disorders and delays in children and adults. When you notice your child with any speech disorders, early intervention can help improve their communication and boost their self-confidence. Book an appointment or consultation for any related speech problem at PediaPlex. You will get the best speech therapist to improve your child’s health.

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