Renovating Your Workplace in Sydney with Vinyl Flooring

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Sydney, the oldest city in Australia, is known for its combination of archaic and modern architectures. It still houses 200-year-old Victorian buildings, but many of them are situated in the middle of skyscrapers and high-rise offices. Meanwhile, a lot of the dwellings in the suburbs feature a Federation style housing surrounded by a couple of contemporary homes. This juxtaposition makes Sydney an alluring city to work and live in. Suppose you are thinking of renovating your place, vinyl flooring in Sydney is ideal if you want to adopt the same architectural philosophy of the city, which mixes modernity and old-fashioned design. Here are a few things to orient you with this kind of flooring option for your renovation project:

Benefits of vinyl flooring

One of the best benefits of vinyl flooring is its durability. Even if there will be many people going in and out of your workplace, this material will last for decades. It will not wear out despite the daily friction that it experiences. You will hardly see any markings on the floor, even if it will be exposed to heavy load and sharp objects. Additionally, vinyl flooring is water-resistant. If there will be spills on the floor, you can easily wipe it, and you do not need to worry about moisture accumulation. You appreciate this characteristic when winter in Sydney arrives because moulds and mildew will be the last of your problems with this material.

Secondly, vinyl flooring is cheap. If you are buying your materials in Sydney, expect to shell out AUD 30-40 per square metre of regular vinyl. Meanwhile, vinyl planks cost around AUD 50-90 per square metre depending on the design. This financial decision will save you hundreds of dollars in the process.

Finally, vinyl tiles are easy to mount on your floor. Installing it can even be a do-it-yourself project if you want to save on hiring construction workers. The professional rate of Sydney-based handymen who can install this for you is around AUD 300-500 per 200 square metres of flooring.

Installation of vinyl

The key to installing vinyl is the preparation of the floor. Make sure that your flooring is flat so that your tiles will stick nicely. You can do this by sanding even surfaces. If you have time, you may prepare an underlayer that will further even your surfaces. This underlayer must be left alone for three days to prevent the development of bumps due to humidity. It is best to do your installation from December to February because it is the dry season in Sydney.

Once you are done preparing the surface, you may start layering your vinyl flooring. Many professionals suggest that you always start from the centre of the room outwards. This trick will ensure that the patterns of your floor will appear symmetrical.

After measuring everything and checking if all the pieces fit, you may begin gluing your vinyl flooring in Sydney with adhesive. To help you with the process, you may use a floor roller or a rolling pin to secure your vinyl’s attachment. Let your installation dry out for a couple of hours before putting by the appliances and furniture in the area. 

Taking care of your vinyl flooring

The best way to clean your vinyl floor is by using an apple cider vinegar solution if dirt has settled on the surface. The acid in this concoction will remove the grime on your floor without damaging its colouring.

Meanwhile, if you need to remove juice or ketchup stains on your floor, the best way to eliminate them is by making a baking powder paste and rubbing it until the mark disappears.

Other than these two nifty tricks, using water and soap would suffice if you are simply doing general cleaning.

Replacing your worn-out flooring with vinyl is the best way to improve your workplace in Sydney. It is durable, cheap, easy to install, and hassle-free to maintain. You can never go wrong with this flooring material. What are you waiting for? Head out to the nearest shop to check which designs will complement your workplace.