Riding a Wayfarer Electric Bike for the First Time

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The Wayfarer Electric Bike looks as good as it rides, and riding it is an absolute dream. We took the bike out on the open road to test it out and have some fun, and we definitely weren’t disappointed by its performance or its smooth ride. 

Read on to learn more about this beautiful bike and how you can try one out yourself in the near future!

How I Found Out About The E-Bike

Like so many new trends, I found out about e-bikes through word of mouth. A friend was vacationing in New York City and shared pictures on Facebook of her riding around Central Park. At first, I dismissed it as something that had been popular years ago but eventually went out of style. However, after doing some research on them, my interest was piqued – they were easy to use and looked like a lot of fun!

My First Impression Of The Bike

When you first look at it, it looks just like a regular bike. If anything, it looks more intimidating because of its sleek design. Once I sit on it though, I notice how comfortable the seat is and how easy it is to control. As someone who has never ridden an electric bike before, getting accustomed to it takes some time. Overall though, my impression of the bike so far is pretty positive and I look forward to riding it again soon!

Getting Used To Riding

The first time I rode an electric bike, I didn’t know what to expect. And it wasn’t until I took off that I realized it had two gears—and boy did they get me moving! Luckily, though, I quickly got used to riding an electric bike and found myself cruising along comfortably in no time. 

Main Features and Specification of The E-Bike

This model from Magma has an aluminium alloy frame and sturdy wheels. The handlebar is adjustable to your comfort level and height so you can ride comfortably as well as correctly. Front suspension absorbs bumps on uneven roads, keeping you in control of your ride at all times. The LED battery indicator informs you of how much charge you have left so that you always arrive at your destination with the power to spare. 

All parts of the bike are replaceable if something happens on your journey. It also comes with a warranty for two years on mechanical parts and one year for electrical components. So you never need to worry about reliability when choosing one of these e-bikes! And not only does it look good but it’s affordable too!

How Much Does it Cost?

Riding an electric bike may seem like a more expensive way to get around. However, when you factor in how much money you will save on gas and other expenses, it becomes clear that riding an electric bike is actually more affordable than driving your car. 

Additionally, many people use their bikes as everyday transportation instead of just recreation—which helps them save even more money by not paying for monthly metro passes or parking fees. As someone who commutes almost daily via public transportation, I could see myself using an electric bike regularly due to its cost-saving benefits. Plus, no matter how far I ride my Wayfarer e-bike, I’ll never be late for work!

Is an e-bike right for you?

I’m not ashamed to admit that I was pretty dubious about e-bikes when I first learned about them. We’re a society that glorifies fitness and eschews technology, so it’s no surprise that pedal power is king. However, after my first ride on an e-bike—and how long it took me to get to work—I can now see why they’re growing in popularity. I even bought one of my own! 

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