15 Hidden Roku Channels

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Hidden Roku Channels are available in the market and have many specifications. Users can purchase the one, which suits their requirement. The main thing is that the working principle of all these devices is the same. Users have the option of adding as many channels as they want to watch movies and TV shows. There are two sources, which the users can use to add the channels. One of these sources is the streaming library in which the user can find a good number of free Roku channels. Another source is private or hidden channels, which are owned by Roku. Here we will discuss these private channels.

Clikia – Hidden Roku Channels

This channel consists of a mix of live channels, which consists of different videos. Along with this, the channel also has radio stations, which are free from ads. Users can access digital content without paying anything. Paid packages are also available which users can use to access cable channels like Sony, TNT, cartoon network, and ESPN.

Weather Radar

This channel is good for those people who live in such areas where storms are frequent. This channel consists of a feature of local radar and satellite, which shows the location of the user. The channel also has cyclone and disturbance maps.

Free Jack TV

This channel is good for those who love a conspiracy theory. There are conspiracy themed chat shows available on this channel along with movies, live streams, and many more.

Euro Roku

This is a paid channel in which users will be able to stream all the content form European TV station. The feature of streaming is available for 24/7. Users will get 300 channels by paying $15 per month. They will also get the network of watching channels from the US, France, Germany, Spain, Poland, and many other countries.

Back from the Grave

This channel is good for those people who live to content such as horror, mystery, murder, etc. movies.

Donkey Kong

People who love to play various kinds of games can add this channel to their device. Users will find a lot of games on this channel.

The Silent Movie

This channel will let the users watch old movies back to the era of Charlie Chaplin, Harold Lloyd, etc. The categories of movies available in this channel include comedy, horror, adventure, and sci-fi.

Roku Movies

This channel is different from the Roku movie channel, which is not private. Users can find low budget movies on this channel. Users can enjoy the movies having kung fu flicks and giant monsters.

iTunes Podcast Channel

Users can find podcasts on this channel. Every kind of podcasts is available on this channel and people can watch the ones they like. Users can directly access the iTunes podcast directory and users can listen to the shows through Roku device.

Daily Motion

This channel is considered as the second largest Roku channels, which users can use for streaming videos. This is not an official channel on Roku but still, people can add it to enjoy the digital content on this website.

Internet Archive

The internet archive is a channel, which is a good resource for watching classic movies online. Users can add this channel to watch old TV shows and movies.

Lode Runner

This is a game, which was launched in 1983. The game was developed for Apple II., Atari 18, Commodore 64 and IBM PCs. Later on, the game was also available in PCs. The game has a level editor and it is the first game to have this feature.

Home Movies

This is a channel that consists of funniest videos, which were released in1990s. Users can install this channel and watch many types of silly and funny videos and 123freemovies is good place to find different categories of movies.


This is a channel where users can store their movies on the cloud. They can access these movies through their Roku device and watch them.

Science Fiction and Beer

This is a channel where users can watch science fiction movies for free. Users can add the Roku channels on their Roku device and watch movies online.

Final Verdict

These are a few private channels which users can add to their Roku device and watch the movies of their choice. Some of these channels are paid but most of them are free.  These channels can be easily added and users can enjoy the movies at home.