Five Ways Running Can Help You Prepare For The Worst

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Five Ways Running Can Help You Prepare For The Worst. You can never know what the future holds but you can surely prepare for the worst. It doesn’t make you a pessimist. Tough times are part of this life and just because you have a plan in action doesn’t mean you are overreacting. In fact, a true survivalist needs to do a lot more than setting aside a prepping budget and stocking food. It actually means that you need to work on your mental and physical fitness because only the fittest will survive.

Let’s see how running can help you prepare for the worst, both physically and mentally.

Running helps you stay calm when calamity strikes:

Untimely accidents or emergencies require you to take quick action. You need to be mentally strong to tackle such situations. When something unfortunate happens, it’s not the time to panic. You must train your mind to overcome panic and anxiety.

Running can help you do that. It helps you deal with panic and relaxes your mind. Running in the fresh morning air trains your mind to stop overthinking and get to the things that actually matter. Exercise can decrease the activity in your frontal cortex and pacify your mind. This means that people who add running to their fitness regime are more present and know how to tackle fearsome situations.

Running helps you stay mentally prepared:

Running keeps the brain healthy and working at its best. It also improves your decision-making skills and helps you quickly respond to the situation. Once you add running to your routine, you will start becoming better at analyzing problems and eventually solve them.

According to a 9-month study done by the American Council on Exercise, it increases your ability to make complex decisions by 70%. Catastrophic situations like earthquakes or heavy rain can scare you and affect your ability to think. Only the strongest of minds will be able to think clearly at these times. This is what distinguishes a savior from the followers.

Running keeps you physically fit and prepared:

Being prepared for an emergency is not all about storing food, tools gadgets, and supplies. You need to be prepared to perform difficult tasks like suturing a laceration, carrying something heavy, or simply run. You need to be physically fit and strong. What’s the better way to prepare than running long distances. Also, Correct Running Shoes improves your bone and muscle strength. It also strengthens your back, knees, and shoulders. It provides you the strength you need in an emergency situation.

Imagine having to walk for miles in search of shelter or carrying your backpack or kids. People who are preparing for a marathon can run for 10 or 15 miles with ease. That’s the kind of stamina you need.

You might have to build a shelter to keep yourself safe. You might have to carry heavy logs on your shoulders. Intense cardio will strengthen your muscles and make them strong to perform strenuous activities like these.

Makes you a warrior:

A true warrior is good at both, the fight and the flight.

When you run every day, your muscles form a memory. It builds your Quadriceps, Hamstrings, Gluteals, and Hip Flexors. You will notice the benefits in a matter of days. This is the reason running or cardio exercises are used extensively in boxing. In order to improve your fight endurance, you have to improve oxygen absorption and cardio is the best way to do that.

Your muscles will become more flexible to endure pain, push, or stretch. It will help in all sorts of fighting skills like boxing, hand combat, or martial art.

Improves your stamina:

The tough get going when the going gets tough and toughness is all about stamina and grit. You need the stamina to keep going and not giving up. You will not make it far if you have poor cardiovascular health or stamina. You need to be able to do rigorous tasks like chopping, hiking, and rowing. Intense cardio such as running is the best way to improve your cardiovascular health and build stamina.