How Satya Nadella and the Cloud Turned Microsoft Around

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Satya Nadella is one of the most successful businessmen in the world. He is a bright and intelligent leader who has inspired the world in so many ways than one. The man has transformed the way Microsoft works. Though, he had been doing something consistently to improve Microsoft, but, one of the most noteworthy changes that Satya Nadella bought in is cloud computing. The adoption and implementation of cloud technology have changed the way the company works. And, it has definitely benefitted the company and made it one of the best again!

Microsoft has changed for the better!

The man, Satya Nadella accepted the immense usefulness of cloud, therefore, they have revolutionized Microsoft perfectly for the cloud era. The revenue of Azure is rising like anything. In one of the quarters, the profit increased by almost 98%. In this era, where we experienced a bit of a slow revenue generation for Windows for some time, the growth of Azure made the whole situation better for Microsoft. Azure is surely one of the coolest moves of Microsoft.

Satya Nadella transformed the culture of Microsoft by successfully adopting the cloud. Microsoft is no longer experiencing any poor state, as it has turned its attention to the cloud. The adoption of the cloud offers a lot of benefits, and in this article, we will talk about a few of them. In fact, even with the adoption of the cloud, many ex-Microsoft employees are coming back to the company. As they see a very bright future of the firm and they know that the company will taste huge success in the coming future. Microsoft has changed for the better and the man behind the unbelievable transformation is Satya Nadella. So, he is surely responsible for changing the face of the company.

Microsoft is only moving up

Microsoft dynamics 365 finance and operations implementation cloud business is growing massively, therefore, the profit related to it is also increasing like anything. The company is achieving its goal quickly, even earlier than Satya Nadella expected to achieve the goal. Azure cloud computing, one of the best cloud computing infrastructure service is making Microsoft better and better. It has even out powered big names in the world like Amazon and Google. Though there are a large number of cloud computing companies and service providers in the world, none of them has revalorized the world just like Azure has transformed Microsoft.

The profit that Microsoft is generating from its commercial cloud computing is accounting for more than one-third of Microsoft’s total sales. That is definitely mind-blowing. And, it is expected to grow more and more. Microsoft has been constantly increasing the partnerships and cloud is surely one of the key factors leading to the increased business of Microsoft.

Cloud computing is becoming a hot trend for the market

Though Azure is not everything, Microsoft has bigger cloud plans. They are looking at more commercial cloud sales. In fact, the company has made Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Office 365 cloud-based. And, as these platforms are available on the cloud, therefore, they are preferred more than other corporate solutions in the world.

Microsoft is not rushing

Microsoft has embraced the cloud, but they are not rushing. They are carefully and intelligently planning to adopt more and more clouds. And, they are also trying everything possible to offer cloud computing services. Cloud computing is the hot favorite of the company, but it are still taking time to implement it fully. They are not adding it just anywhere. They are planning the implementation of cloud in the company.

Digitalization is everywhere, even in Microsoft

Digitalization has not even left Microsoft-impacted. In the present world, computing and digitalization technology are getting embedded all across the globe. Every place of the world, be it your office or home, be it the market or the sports ground, digitalization has transformed everything that happens across the world. Everything in the world is being driven by software. Digitalization is no longer the only cool thing happening in the world. The second most preferred thing is the adoption of the Cloud. Cloud is making the world more connected and smart. Also, with the adoption of the cloud, the work becomes seamless.

Satya Nadella, one of the brightest minds in the world has transformed Microsoft by adopting cloud. This innovation might be a bit challenging in the beginning, but, it is totally worth it. And, Microsoft has been reaping a lot of benefits from this cloud adoption. Therefore, the adoption of cloud is expected to increase more and more in the coming years.