5 Ways To Save Money So That You Can Go To A Vacation Twice Every Year

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5 Ways To Save Money So That You Can Go To A Vacation Twice Every Year – I work in an IT firm. So, I know exactly how it feels to have a routine of a 9 to 5 job, coming back home, relaxing for a while, and by the time you actually decide to step out of the house, it’s almost time for dinner and you have another long day of work waiting ahead of you. Hence you end up sitting on your couch thinking of how much more amusing lives of other people are, who can afford travelling and spending on fancy vacations.

This frenetic schedule takes the life out of you and makes you dreary. I know that because I used to experience it on daily basis; until the time I realized that a fun-filled getaway is not something that only the rich can afford. Three years back, I decided that I want to travel and explore a lot more places than I’m doing right now. And today, I’ve made 5 trips abroad and brought with me truckloads of memories, and I’m counting for more. 

Converting the thought that had popped up, into reality, surely didn’t come easy. But then, if you really want that “perfect vacation”, then you should be ready to put that extra effort that comes along with it. And trust me when I say that your hard work is going to pay off. You will have to think from a different point of view now, i.e. instead of thinking how you can spend in a more efficient manner, you should start thinking about how you can save money in the minutest way possible.

We all know that the income from traditional jobs is not enough to keep up with the inflation and cost of living expenses today. In these situations, going on a swanky holiday comes at a bigger cost. Since I’ve become a frequent traveller now, I’ll share with you my experience of how I managed saving enough money. 

Best Possible Ways To Save Money-


No doubt that for a while now, you will have to keep away from your social life. All that spare time you had, is no more going to remain that way. You will have to look out for a side job, and occupy yourself with it. This doesn’t mean that you exhaust yourself completely, but instead pick up something that you are comfortable with. 

For example, I am very fond of writing. So, I dedicated my free time to writing e-books and then selling them via various means like Amazon and others. But not everyone has the same set of skills and talents. There are a number of other things one can do. 

You can go for the traditional options like baby-sitting, make extra money as a tutor, pet-sitting is in trend, become a local tour guide, or start a YouTube channel. If you want to ditch these ideas and look out for something new, then use your talents to sell freelance photography, become a cab driver, take cooking classes and the list goes on.

So, if you are actually willing to put in that extra effort, then you have ample of options available. Also, you don’t have to necessarily pick a job that requires you to work daily. Instead, work harder on your weekends and by the end of the month, you will realize that the tough grind has led you a step further towards that much needed getaway. 


Think about all the relaxation and fun you will be having if your trip is a stress free one. Well, that’s possible only if it’s well planned and if it’s already paid for. One of the easiest ways to save money for your vacation is to open a dedicated savings account. To make the best out of your savings, you should choose a high-yield savings account which will add even more to your account as you look forward towards your trip.

Save Money

Open an account in a local bank nearby. But one could opt for opening an online account because then, you will be less likely to withdraw that money. Now in this account, put every extra penny that you earn. Be it a work bonus, or birthday cash, or the extra cash you made from a side gig, everything goes here. Most importantly, restrain yourself a little bit and leave that money there until it’s time for you to hit the road.


When you have teenagers or little ones running around your house, your food expenditure is likely to be huge. It would be no harm if you shave a little off the top and in no time, you’ll have gathered some extra money to put towards your getaway.

Save Money

Apart from cutting cost on food, you should be conscious of where your money goes. Like, try spending a little less on your workout; cut costs on watching movies or dining out; save money on transportation (trade your comfort for a while and instead use public transport or carpool); consider reducing/eliminating other regular paid services etc. Also, be a little bit more careful about your electricity and phone bills. Cutting cost on these will definitely add quite some extra cash for your trip.


You might have heard about vacation rental industry which allow people like us to list their spare homes/rooms to someone who might be looking for a place to crash. So why wait and let your spare place be a waste?

Save Money

Apart from this, if you have more than one car, then you should probably be looking for agencies or apps that rent out your cars. You don’t have to worry about your car because the rental services generally give some insurance and not just this, but also the person to whom your car will be rented is tested as a reliable driver and only then your car is given away.

Now if you think you have some extra furniture in your house which can be put to some good use, then you’ll be happy to know that a lot of people look for furniture on rent. Many applications and sites are available who are willing to find that person for you.

Doing these little things will definitely add some extra money to your account.


Imagine that it’s vacation time and you are flying for free. Your imagination can turn into reality if you use a credit card that accumulates airline miles for all your monthly/yearly expenditures. There are other ways of putting your credit card into use. 

For a month, use your credit card wherever you go and at the end of the month, your bills will be paid through your debit card. But along with that, you might receive various other bonuses like that of frequent flier miles.

Save Money

So, if the bank is providing you with these amazing facilities, why hold back? Explore more about the benefits of using credit cards and add the savings to your account for that trip.


I have listed for you the best ways to save money so that you can afford that swanky vacation twice a year, that too without stressing over cutting costs when you are on the trip. Make sure you estimate the total amount you are going to spend on your getaway. From hotel stays to local tours, from food to shopping, and you travelling expenses, count them all.

Once you have estimated it, divide that cost and calculate how much money you will have to save monthly. This is the most efficient method via which one can save money. So, go ahead, and put your best foot forward into saving for that relaxing, luxurious and fun-filled holiday that is waiting for you.