Universities Offering Scholarships in Japan

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Many students go to Japan for studying as the quality of education in Japan is very good. There are great universities. Japan uses the latest technology in its education system as well as the course structure, is much updated. There are very famous universities which have a very high world ranking. The education system of Japan not only provides quality education but also transforms a student, i.e. they bring out a student’s potential. Though the study in Japan is not as expensive as European countries. But if you need a Japan scholarship for studying in a university, many Japanese universities provide scholarships to students. They provide scholarships to international students as well. 


There are certain conditions which students must fulfil to be eligible for Japan scholarships programs of various universities. Although eligibility varies from university to university, certain criteria need to be fulfilled by every student. 

  • A student must have their profile information registered with Japan Study Support. It is a website for international students that is run jointly by the Asian Students Cultural Association and Benesse Corporation. After registering, a message will be sent to the student if he/she has appeared for an enrollment exam at the university and has passed the enrolment exam.
  • The student must know either English or Japanese as the interview is in English or Japanese. 
  • The student must not be a Japanese citizen.
  • If the applicant is under 20 years of age, then his parents must also know English or Japanese. 
  • The student must have a Japanese Bank Account (in the student’s name) in which scholarship money will be paid. Internet banking isn’t accepted. 

The scholarship amount and number of students vary in every university. 

Application Procedures

Apply at the University’s website ‘My Page’ after registering with your email id and password. 

Documents needed at the time of application

  • Application form (basic information).
  • Short essay about your motivation to study in Japan and future goal. It can be either English or Japanese. It shouldn’t be more than 350 words in English or 800 Japanese characters.
  • Self-Introduced Video not more than 30 seconds in length.

Application Period 

  • Spring Period for applicants enrolling in April – May. The application period is in March.
  • Fall Period for applicants enrolling in September – November. The application period is in August. 

Selection Method

  • Step 1: First round screening – Document Screening.
  • Step 2: Second round screening – Interview and exam.
  • Step 3: Notification of successful applicants.

This is the common procedure for application for scholarship though there may be more steps which depend on the university. Students need to check the university’s page for the scholarship procedure.

Universities in Japan which offer scholarship

The universities which support study and provide Japan scholarship are

  • University of Tokyo – It has a world ranking of QS is 22. The average private rent is 14 lakh yen and the average tuition fee per year 5 lakh yen. Value of scholarship is 126,000 yen/per month for four consecutive years. It is reviewed annually. 
  • Nagoya University – It has a world ranking of 90.  The average undergraduate fee is 535,000 per year. Two scholarships are available one is 152,000 monthly stipend for medical courses and other is 48,000 yen per month for graduate courses and 65,000 yen per month for research students. 
  • Kyushu University – It has a world ranking of 132. The average fee costs about 535,000 yen,and it offers a scholarship of about 80,000 yen per month to undergraduate students — 1 lakh yen for graduates. 
  • Tokyo Institute of Technology – It has a world ranking of 58. The average cost is same as Kyushu University. It offers 1,20,000 yen to undergraduate and around 1,47,000 yen per year for doctoral and postgraduate programs.
  • Chiba University – It has a world ranking of 442. Two scholarships are offered one is 48,000-month allowance,and another one is 120,000 yen and 148,000 yen for undergraduate and postgraduate respectively. 

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