Scholarships in Singapore for Primary and Secondary School Students

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It is every parent’s responsibility to ensure that children attend school. They are aware of the benefits of having an educated child. However, most parents cannot afford the cost of education, with some students dropping out of school. During this time, parents look for cash to sustain their kids in schools while others move them to cheaper schools. These parents would appreciate any form of help to support their children in school, and this is where a scholarship comes in.

A scholarship is any financial grant awarded to students to help fund their education. The scholarships can either be full scholarships or partial scholarships. A full scholarship is one that caters to the total amount of school fees. Partial scholarships cover a section of the total amount of scholarship required; for instance, a scholarship could cover 9% of the tuition fees.

Students in Singapore should understand that there are two main types of scholarship for secondary school students

The scholarships for Singapore Students are as follow: 

  • The need-based scholarship. The need-based scholarship is solely for students from humble backgrounds. The students, however, have to perform exemplary in academics to qualify for this type of scholarship.
  • The Merit-based Scholarship. The merit scholarship is a scholarship awarded to students who show proficiency in academics, sports and arts. To qualify for the scholarship, one has to stand out in these three distinct categories. It is worth noting that to be eligible for these scholarships, one does not necessarily need to be from a humble background. So long as you show prowess in academics, sports or art, you are good to go!

Note that one does not have to repay the scholarship money, which makes scholarship the preferable alternative means of funding for most parents, especially those from humble backgrounds.

The following is a list of scholarships for a primary and secondary school in Singapore:

  1. Global Citizen Scholarship
  2. The GIIS Global Sports Scholarship 
  3. 9Gems Holistic Development Scholarship 
  4. Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Global Skills Scholarship  
  5. Mahatma Gandhi Universal value Merit-cum-means Scholarship
  6. Edusave Good Progress Award Scholarship
  7. The Prime Minister Book Prize Scholarship
  8. Bicultural Studies Programme (BSP) Scholarship
  9. Programme-based Scholarship
  10. Global Future-ready Merit Scholarship

Now that you are aware of the various scholarships for secondary school in Singapore, how do you increase your chances of winning at least one of them?

The following are tips for increasing your chances of winning a scholarship;

  1. Research

You should ensure that you research the different scholarships and their requirements to qualify to apply. You should apply for scholarships that you are eligible for. For instance, if you apply for the 9Gems Holistic Development Scholarship, you must have participated and been recognized in an event for any 9Gems skills and be an Indian citizen. Therefore, if you do not meet these minimum requirements, you should not send an application letter.

Researching helps you to know what every scholarship that you eye requires.

  1. Send as many Applications as Possible

Once you identify the scholarships you are eligible for, you should send as many application letters as possible. Do not limit yourself to just one scholarship. See, there are so many other students who want the same scholarship as you do, with some of them having better grades than you, so you should send many applications to various scholarships to increase your chances of winning at least one of them. When you limit yourself to one scholarship, chances are, you will not get it. So, as long as you qualify for a scholarship, apply, you never know!

  1. Do not Ignore Small Scholarships

As noted earlier, there are partial scholarships. You know those scholarships that cater to just a fraction of the whole required amount? It would be best if you did not ignore such scholarships. It is tempting to only lean on the scholarships that guarantee considerable scholarship value. But if you are from a humble background, you may need all the help you can get. Even 3% of your tuition fees could go a long way. Ensure that you apply for all scholarships you are eligible for even when they promise a meagre amount.

  1. Attach all your Credentials

In your research, you should take note of the documents each scholarship requires you to attach. Is it your academic records? Or is it proof of your financial family income, to mention a few? You should attach all the necessary documents for failing to do so will lead to your application letter’s dismissal.

  1. Be Honest

What would you do to win a scholarship that guarantees a full sponsorship, anything, right? It is tempting to sugarcoat some details or even fabricate some of your documents to increase your chances of winning a scholarship. But being dishonest only reduces your chances of getting the scholarship. Therefore, ensure that you are honest in your application.

  1. Submit a Polished Application

Most scholarship applications are made online. This means that your application is your only chance to make an impression. Therefore, you should ensure that you are convincing enough on why you deserve the scholarship and make sure that your application reflects your competency and skills.

Additionally, you should submit an application form free from grammatical errors. Be formal and keen on your word diction. Proofread your work to ensure that you avoid unnecessary mistakes. It will help you submit an error-free application.

  1. Observe Deadlines

Most scholarships provide a date in which all applicants should submit their applications. So you should ensure that you are keen on the deadlines to avoid dismissal of your application due to late submissions.

  1. Ace the Interview

Once you are lucky to be invited for an interview, ensure that you stand out. Prepare early for the interview. You could look up some of the commonly asked questions in the interview and prepare to answer them. The interview is your only chance to make a physical impression about yourself; hence you should make it count.

A scholarship is a once in a lifetime education funding for primary and secondary school students. Therefore, students should familiarize themselves with these available scholarships in Singapore and apply. They should further keep these tips in mind to increase their chances of winning the scholarship.