Simple Ways to Decrease Anxiety and Improve Wellness

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Stress and anxiety are, unfortunately, a part of life for many Austin residents. Some stressors are outside of your control, such as fighting rush-hour traffic. However, there are numerous stressors that are well within your control and can be adjusted to improve overall wellness. Targeting these stressors begins with a deep look at the organization in various areas of your life.

Create To-Do Lists

Your attention may be pulled in multiple directions as you tend to professional and personal responsibilities. By creating a detailed to-do list, you add structure to your day. Activities that are most critical or timely should be tackled first or may be completed at a time of day when you feel more energized and focused. At the end of each day, create a to-do list for the following day so that you can hit the ground running first thing in the morning. 

Clean Up Your Smartphone

Smartphones are essential to your professional and personal life. Your phone’s screen may be cluttered with dozens of apps that you have not opened in months or that you never accessed more than a time or two. These apps can make it more difficult to access the phone’s features that you truly need in a timely manner. Remove unnecessary apps. Relocate apps are rarely used in a special folder. Then, reorganize the placement of your remaining apps so that you can easily and quickly utilize your phone as needed.

Do Some Cleaning

Clutter on your work desk, in your car, and around the house can interfere with focus and maybe an unnecessary source of stress. Spend a few minutes cleaning and organizing your desk at the end of each workday. When you stop to fill up your gas tank, take a moment to remove trash from your car. In addition, devote a weekend every month to cleaning and overall home organization.

Improve Your Quality of Sleep

Stress increases your adrenaline levels, which can directly contribute to poor sleep quality. Unfortunately, insufficient or low-quality sleep can contribute to higher stress and anxiety levels. This catch-22 situation requires a solution that addresses both stress and sleeps quality.

CBD sleep benefits have been thoroughly studied and are well known. Cannabinoids, such as CBD, work within your body’s endocannabinoid system to stabilize your natural stress hormones. This includes cortisol. CBD has a positive impact on mood. It is also known to increase serotonin uptake, which may help you fall asleep, stay asleep, and enjoy a more restful sleep.

Austin’s Preferred CBD Source

Many local Austin residents who are interested in CBD sleep benefits and the many other benefits of quality CBD products turn to MINERAL. Located on East Sixth Street, MINERAL strives to be Austin’s cannabis community center. Rather than simply selling general CBD oil, MINERAL takes a focused approach toward helping its customers take advantage of CBD benefits. It strives to provide customers throughout the community with education about plant-based wellness. It also brings customers an exceptional range of formulated cannabinoids blended with effective terpenes. These formulas are designed to provide specific benefits. 

While many CBD products are available to local residents, MINERAL focuses on breaking through the hype around CBD and helping Austinites enjoy the profound health and wellness benefits that it provides. For those interested in learning more about CBD’s benefits, such as CBD sleep benefits, MINERAL’s educated staff members are available to provide knowledgeable assistance.