All You Need to Know About Sneaker Cook Groups

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Joining a sneaker cook group can change your entire copping game for good. Although using a top sneaker bot will give you a considerable advantage over those who cop manually, it’s usually members of sneaker cook groups that end up with multiple pairs of the latest releases.

But, what are these groups, and how can they help you to cop or resale sneakers more successfully?

Understanding Sneaker Cook Groups

If you’re a serious sneakerhead or are planning to become one, you need to know more about sneaker cook groups. So, let’s start by explaining what they are.

What Are Sneaker Cook Groups?

Sneaker cooks groups are communities of sneakerheads including buyers and resellers, led by experts and moderators with access to insider information and useful tools to maximize your chances of buying or reselling limited editions.

As their member, you can receive and provide information on sneaker releases, early links, reselling estimates, and different guides on copping topics. All these things can help improve your reselling and copping experience whether you use a sneaker bot or cop manually.

While there are free cook groups that are a good option if you’re a newbie in the sneaker copping world, the paid ones provide a lot more helpful resources you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

The Advantages of Joining a Sneaker Cook Group

Here are the major reasons why joining a sneaker cook group may be the best decision you’ve ever made:

  • Access to release guides

Although many websites offer basic copping guides, only cook groups provide in-depth guides that will help you understand everything you need to know about copping sneakers. These guides are only shared with the group members, so you can’t find them elsewhere.

Plus, you can find experienced sneaker resellers who can mentor you for a fee or cut of your sales.

  • Sneaker bots

As a cook group member, you can get exclusive access to sneaker bots. Members can notify you when certain bots are on sale on large marketplaces, or sell you their own sneaker bot.

You can also get help with the configuration process which should be done according to your target brand, the number of products you want to buy, your budget, etc. This can be confusing so it’s really good to have someone that can guide you in the process.

  • Special offers

Cook groups, especially paid ones, tend to have special offers for their members. These include various discounts, group buys, giveaways, and partnerships. For example, members can create partnerships to cop sneakers in large quantities and clean up the sneaker store before others figure out what happened.

Or, you can get discounts on proxies which is great as proxies are necessary when using sneaker bots. How much are sneaker proxies? Well, reliable and fast proxies can be quite expensive, so a discount can be really helpful. You can always check those proxies to see if they work properly. Click here for more information.

  • Sneaker monitors

Cooked groups, especially paid ones, include fast sneaker monitors for tracking multiple sneaker sites for high-demand sneakers. They also come with an Add-to-Cart link that adds the desired pair of sneakers to the cart for you.

All you have to do now is continue with the checkout process. This is very useful if you cop sneakers manually as you can’t keep an eye on all coveted releases 24/7.

  • ACO services

One of the best things a cook group offers you is the ACO services that allow experienced staff members to cop sneakers on your behalf for a fee. They use your billing profile and run their bots on the release to buy limited editions that are almost impossible to cop.

What Are the Best Sneaker Cook Groups to Join in 2022?

If you can’t decide which cook group you want to join, here are a few suggestions for both free and premium sneaker cook groups:

  • Notify
  • AMNotify
  • Restock World
  • Steady Soles
  • Sneaker Squad
  • Qwik Cooks
  • Juiced
  • Notify Squared
  • Hype Jungle
  • Hype Plug


A good sneaker cook group can make your copping or reselling experience a lot easier and faster. It will provide you with invaluable tools, guides, and information you can’t find anywhere else. Although the best cook groups are paid, you can also get a decent amount of information and help from certain free groups.

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