4 Ways Using Social Intranet Software Can Be Good For Your Company

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Companies have been using intranet since the mid-90s. Within the last half-decade, intranets have greatly evolved by including relationship-building functionality, social functions, and many other features. It is important to have strong company relationships. The development of these relationships is seen by some as a point of contention. Is it a useful business tool or it is a productivity killer? Am I empowering my employees or giving them too many distractions. Let’s answer this question and explore the benefits of social intranet software. We will cover the four main benefits of having this intranet solution in your company. 

This might also help you in making a decision on whether your company needs social intranet software or not. 

Social Intranet Software  

This software is an important collaboration tool your employees need for quick, easy and enjoyable one-on-one communication or group communication. This software tool can have social tagging, document sharing and commenting, instant messaging and other specific application features depending on the software provider. 

In simple words, just like Facebook, this software is a private social media channel you can use to connect your entire organization. There are proven benefits of these types of software for large companies. However, small and medium-sized companies can also reap the benefits of social intranet software

Now, you might think that this network can reduce the productivity of your employees. Constant social interaction at their fingertips can distract their focus. Your concerns are understandable but not unnecessary. The following four benefits will make you consider investing in one such intranet software. 

Benefits Of A Social Intranet


When your company has social intranet software, employees can instantly share any kind of information with employees within the same department and other departments. Social tags and instant messages can make internal communication a breeze. 

Admittedly, with all its advantages, Email is not irrelevant. However, it is not an ideal tool for internal communications. When you are receiving promotional emails and social media notifications in your inbox, important messages often get buried. Using email for both internal and external communication can be very problematic. Your social intranet can separate your internal communication from external communication.

Your team members can share large files as well. They can respond to each other in a timely manner. When the entire community can access this software, your employees can share their ideas in a streamlined and transparent way.

Suggestions and different thoughts coming from different people can be good for your business. 


“Keeping team members separated can always encourage productivity. The team can generate greater output with fewer distractions”. This is not true in most cases. 

Some of your employees may share their personal information or spend time socializing online from time to time. However, the collaboration will be a lot easier with social intranet software. There is nothing wrong with paying this small price for faster internal communication, easier collaboration, and better organization. All these important business aspects help in increasing productivity.

Keep in mind that you can also monitor conversations if your software comes with this feature. This will encourage your employees to avoid sharing anything inappropriate that is not good for the culture of your company.

Employee Satisfaction

A happy team always produces great results. According to many studies, an employee spends an average of four years in a company. The departure of an experienced employee can hurt your business for a few months. However, a satisfied employee can spend more time with you. Your intranet software can also increase the satisfaction of your employees by keeping them more engaged and happy.


Your employees have to use Slack, Dropbox, and other solutions if you don’t have your own internal channel for communication and sharing important documents. When you are using your own network, security is in your own hands.

Intranet, social intranet software, and cloud-based intranet solutions are transforming businesses of all sizes, why should you miss the bus?