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The biggest aspect now in the web world is security. Threats of hacking, malware, and others are so much and they are increasing at such a level that, advanced browsers like Chrome or Safari are locking several sites to be viewed. What do you need to do there? The only thing that is the need of the hour here is the SSL Certificate Service. You will have to get the support of the same from the SSL Certificate Providers and make your site secured in all ways. In this article, we have placed some of the serious queries that are often asked by the users, regarding SSL certificates.

When do you need aN SSL certificate?

This is the first aspect that you need to take care of. The first and foremost thing here is to understand what exactly an SSL certificate does – It is the certificate that certifies that the payment gateways and the other methods that have been used in the site for collecting credentials of the clients are secured enough. Hence, this is something that is going to create a real-time difference in the entire practice of browsing, from the aspect of your clients.

An SSL certificate is a thing that is going to secure everything, especially when you are using transactional services in your site (where your clients will pay you or another party some amount). In another sense, you will feel the discrepancy, when you will have multiple clients, logging into your site. This aspect is to be certified by some agencies and that work is done by SSL Certificate Service providers.

What if you don’t get one for you?

The first difference is visible at the website URL area, where you will find that chrome is showing – “the Site is not secured” and the second thing is that the site URL of yours will have HTTP before you include the SSL certificate. Once, you apply the certificate at the hostnames, you will find that the host yours has changed to HTTPS.

How long does it takes?

After you place your SSL certificate at your DNS server, the host service goes through an alteration.  Make it a point that the host of yours will not be changing here, but the streaming of your site (Uptime and downtime) will now be controlled by the SSL Certificate Service. This adds some extra uptime and downtime to your site as well. Coming back to the process, the Hostname configuration has to be changed here as it will be streamed through another filtrate.

The delay that you will find is only for this basic reason and that will take an average time of 24-72 hours, depending on the site pages and the site content you have. During that tenure, your site might not be visible, as that will move out from HTTP server and shift to the HTTPS server.

Is the SSL certificate chargeable?

Usually, the SSL certificates are due for one-time and yearly charges, but there are services that give you some extra facility too. This includes the service from Cloud-flare, which provides free SSL certificates for sites that are not having direct log-in features and payment gateways. The essential configurations that you need are also ensured by them only.

In other instances, it is always chargeable and the charges are really high when you go for the online SSL Certificate Providers. Hence it is better to avail the SSL Certificate Service from some of the top companies, who will charge you lesser and will take care of the complete configuration too.

Do I need to do any other thing to make my site secured?

The SDSL certificate is not the only thing that will be securing your site. They are meant to secure the payment gateways and the credentials, the clients of yours will be sharing with you, at your site. There are other threats too like malware or the threat of hackers. In such cases, you will need to install the anti-malware services, as well as some extra firewalls. When you install all these, your site will be totally secured.

The SSL Certificate Providers will be taking care of those too when you seek that from them. Hence, get into a negotiation with them, have a great discussion, and decide the right thing that you need.


To be very much specific, the thing that you are looking for with an SSL certificate is to secure the side of your clients, while they come to your site and share their credentials. Many of the users do feel that the Best Wildcard SSL Certificate Providers will take care of the entire site security, but that is not the case at all. Understanding this much, you are very much aware now that unless you put the site of yours encrypted with SSL, your site might stop rendering in popular browsers like Chrome or Safari. Hence, react faster on that.

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