Step-by-Step Process for Affiliate Marketing

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Have you thought to make money easily, then you get it so using affiliate marketing? It is a method to earn silently through online. An excellent marketing approach, affiliate marketing is performance-based. Here, an online retailer provides a commission to a website for every customer referred to utilizing promotional activities initiated by the website. In this case, the website would be an affiliate and get paid only when there is a transaction involved in the promotion. It could also be said that affiliate marketing is the process wherein a retailer pays some amount of commission to people called affiliates who endorse their products or services to others. It also means to send traffic to the retailer’s website and get a commission when the visitors purchase the product or service that you recommend to them. Digital Marketing Services companies help with affiliate marketing tips to be incorporated in the business.

Having said this, affiliate marketing steps involve the four parties. They are:

  • A merchant who indicates the business who builds or sell the product or services
  • Affiliate who indicates the person who promotes the product or services
  • Affiliate network indicates the online networks. Here the merchants list the programs where the affiliate would get an idea with it
  • Consumer indicates person who purchase from the merchant

Let us discuss the ways affiliate marketing benefits merchants and affiliate.

The merchants are people or businesses who always target to increase their sales for profit. Using affiliate marketing, they could get help from others to support the promotion. Merchants would pay a small amount when someone purchases their product or services by way of affiliation. When networking goes big in this way of promotion, merchants would be able to add many sources of traffic that would eventually lead to sales. This is a win-win strategy as the affiliate gets rewarded only when there is a sale occurred out of their action.

For affiliates, affiliate marketing gets a small charge every time their recommended products or services are purchased by a customer. The main advantage for them is that they can make money without developing any products. Though it is not altogether a free ride, as an affiliate, you need to have your website and have quality content in it. This would bring more traffic to ensure that your affiliation works in a profitable way.

Affiliate networks are the locations where merchants are free to list affiliate programs so that affiliates can locate and sign for it to proceed. It would fasten the process and merchants find it easier to work with affiliate networks. It is more secure.

Now, left with consumers. They are the people who make purchases from the merchants. To make this successful, affiliates should target them with good content and be able to project the business in the right way to them so that the consumers would be convinced to purchase.

After having discussed the basics of affiliate marketing, ensure the following for it to flow properly.

  1. There are many affiliate marketing models, where they get paid on every transaction.
  2. The merchants should be able to track you. This is essential so that merchants should be aware that you are involved in a successful transaction.

Affiliate marketing stepsinvolve the following for an affiliate marketer:

  1. Start with a proper plan. For fruitful affiliate marketing, you need to have proper planning.
  2. Create your website, domain, etc. Be sure about your niche.
  3. Implement google analytics. Find out your KPIs to measure and progress performance.
  4. Sign up for the affiliate program that is feasible for you.
  5. Have the affiliate content ready that matches the product and services.
  6. Your audience should be in place. For this, promote the content that you built, enhance your presence online, and get more traffic to it. This would ensure more affiliate income.
  7. Ensure that you get more profit and that you earn more amount than what you pay for affiliate marketing strategy.
  8. Increase your performance by website optimization and strategy.
  9. Find out new strategies to increase your audience. When the audiences are more, the affiliate income would increase.
  10. Automate what all is possible. This would decrease the human workload.

An affiliate marketer also requires the following:

  1. Products collection to review and to recommend
  2. A proper platform where you could place and recommend these products
  3. Many audiences that helps to generate huge affiliate income
  4. A proper strategy to enhance reach and profit to flow in

Let us see the steps in detail:

Plan – If you directly start affiliate marketing without any plan, it won’t provide a good result. You should be clear with the following:

  • Budget that you have for work
  • Cost for website and content
  • Cost that you would be spending on advertisement
  • Cost for marketing tools like CRO tools, email marketing, analytics, and so on
  • Affiliate income to be generated to ensure that your strategy works well
  • Profit that you should earn to sustain in the business
  • Number of affiliate sales that you need to reach your target
  • Traffic that you require to reach your sales target
  • KPIs and metrics that you should monitor to reach your objective

If you can get answers for the above points, then you have done enough research on the affiliate marketing that you plan to do.

Select your products to promote – Having made the plan, select the products to promote in your affiliate marketing. Choose the right products that best fit your plan. To share a tip, you should select products that you are aware of and interests you. You need to speak about the product so that you could make effective references to your consumers. Hence, to be confident enough to talk about the product, you need to be aware of the product. This marketing is to promote people who have less information and help them with buying decisions and make them feel that they are in the right decision to purchase. Once you are sure about your niche, you can start to select definite products for promoting it. Keep the products in mind and see in their websites if they are associated with any affiliate program. If your products are there in their websites, then add it to your options list. If it is not there, then you won’t be getting any profit if you promote that product.

Affiliate networks – Once your product is ready, search out for affiliate networks. They are platforms that links affiliate marketers with merchants. For larger business, affiliate networks are useful.

Choose platforms – You need to select a platform to post the affiliate products and its content. So, have your blog or website where you can place your affiliate content. Here, you can track traffic and have control over your affiliate links that come from various sources and content.

Get your audience – If you already have a blog where already many visitors would come in, then it is a good to start. If not, you need to start from scratch to get the audience. To get the audience, the following steps would help:

  1. Build best content for your niche
  2. Create an organic presence in search
  3. Content promotion
  4. Get traffic from various social media platform
  5. Build a strong network with other websites

With all these in place, you are good to start for affiliate marketing.


When all the points are in place, you are ready to kick start with affiliate marketing journey. To conclude, be sure about your content, start with known products, plan the marketing properly, optimize your website, automate all that you can, and build a wider audience.