Stick Shift: Why Your Car Should Change With Your Lifestyle

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Life is all about changes and growth. When you are a child, you learn, adapt, evolve, and eventually grow into a teenager. Then comes yet more growth, learning, and change. Then you grow up into a young adult. Yet more change and learning occurs.  And then you emerge into full adulthood. 

Each stage of life brings its challenges, joys, and opportunities.

In your adult life, from late teens to early twenties, your car should match your lifestyle. First cars should be small, with less torque (and less risk!) and suited for visiting friends or heading out to socialize. As you grow older, you should look for a larger model like a 7 seater SUV

So, let’s dig into the stick shift and learn why your vehicle needs change as you do. 

Heading Out for Adventure

When you’re younger, you’re more likely to stay in town. You’ll visit friends, head out to the shopping center or club, and not venture far from your suburb or the city you grew up in.

As you get older, your taste for adventure grows. You’ll want to go camping or hiking or fishing. You’ll want to explore the great outdoors. Smaller cars aren’t suited for this. For the authentic outdoor Australian experience, you’ll want a larger car, with off-road capability. Larger cars can also tow jet skis, boats, caravans, and other assets used to enhance the outdoor experience.

Family Matters

As you get older, you may eventually want to meet someone, settle down, and raise a family. While a smaller car might be suited for when you’re young and single, you’ll need to upgrade when it comes time for kids.

Carting a baby and a toddler around at the same time is a real mission in a small sedan or hatchback. All that bending, twisting, and maneuvering to get the kids’ in the car seat will be a real strain on your back, and not to mention your nerves. You’ll also need to cart around the pram and bags and everything else required for trips out with kids. A larger car will suit this shift in your lifestyle.

Safety is also vital for your family. Larger vehicles tend to be safer than smaller models, as they can withstand more impact because they are bigger and more solid than smaller cars. 

Your Car Should Reflect Your Stage of Life

Cars serve more purposes than just a mode of transportation. They should reflect your personality, your vibe, your career choice, and more. As you get older, and you become more successful, you may want your car to reflect this shift. You might want to announce to your friends and family that you’re in a better position than you were when you had your first car. Upgrade to a larger model to reflect where you’re at in life. By this stage you should be able to afford a better model as well, so why not treat yourself? 

Downsize (or Upsize) When You Retire

Finally, once you retire and your kids grow up and leave home, you might want to downsize to a sedan or hatch at this stage of your life. Unless you’re going to become a grey nomad, in which case you might even upgrade to a larger SUV or four-wheel drive! Whatever the choice, you’ve earned the right to a new car when you retire


Your choice of car should change with your lifestyle. As you get older and get a taste for adventure, choose a model that will suit this approach to life. When it comes time for a family, you’ll want a car large enough to accommodate your kids and everything else that comes with being a parent. Your vehicle can also reflect your success in life and your career status. Also, once you retire and become an empty-nester, you might want to downsize, or even upsize!