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Fun & Creative Points to Consider While Styling Up Your Kid’s Room

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Fun & Creative Points to Consider While Styling Up Your Kid’s Room. As your child grows up they will likely want to remodel their bedroom. The things that they once loved and had all over their room, they will likely outgrow. If you are looking to redo your child’s room here are some things that you should consider doing to style the room.

1) A Fresh Coat Of Paint

While this may seem like a big adventure and a time-consuming project it is much easier than many of us think. Letting your child pick out the new colour for their room will be one of the best decisions that your child gets to make and will allow them to feel like they are part of the remodel. Before agreeing to paint the walls you can use this as an opportunity for you and your child to thoroughly clean the room, declutter, and donate old toys and clothes. If your child likes the colour of the room they already have you can consider styling the room by adding a splash of new colour in the form of wainscoting.

2) Style The Bed

Your child’s bed is the main part of the room and the part that will likely catch your eye first. While redoing your child’s room is important, styling the bed is critical to any makeover. You can decorate the bed with a new bedspread, throw pillows, and possibly even a new bed if needed. While style is important you must also think about comfort. If your child is outgrowing their old bed or looking or more comfort you should consider purchasing a new mattress. There are a variety of different types of mattresses you can use to help your growing child stay more comfortable and sleep better at night.

3) Adding Storage

All parents know that finding storage and keeping a room clean is one of the most challenging things to do. If you have the room you should find new and creative ways to add storage to your child’s room. You can add storage by creating shelves on the wall, adding more furniture, adding storage organizers to the closet, or even creating shelves under the bed. These storage ideas can transform a room and make it feel much bigger.

4) Add Artwork

No remodel is complete without adding artwork. The pictures and posters that your child chooses to hang on their wall say a lot about their personality and their style. While it may be fun for us to decorate our child’s room with what we like, you should allow them to have a say in what goes on the wall. Hanging pictures at eye level can attract more attention to the wall. Also, try adding a collage poster or a chalkboard to allow your child to express their creativity.

5) Wall Stickers

Removable wall stickers are one of the hottest things to hit the market recently. These removable stickers allow you to style a room without needing to buy paint. You can find stickers in almost any shape, colour, or character. You can add these stickers to any wall in the room, or even the ceiling, to create a theme in the room. For example, if your child loves animals you can find a surplus of animals stickers to decorate the room. Whether you want to put the stickers around the room or you want to decorate on the corner of the room the choice is yours.

6) Lighting

While it may be expensive to change out the ceiling light fixture you can add an inexpensive lamp to your child’s room to increase the amount of light that your child has. There are a variety of different light fixtures on the market that appeal to children. If you are looking to get creative with the lights in your child’s room try purchasing an ordinary lamp and buying a coloured light bulb to make your child’s room stand out. They will love this idea and all of their friends will too.