Three Amazing Summer Vacation Places of Nepal

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Three amazing summer vacation places of Nepal – Are you ready for a vacation with bright days and colorful ambiance in Nepal? It is best to visit this mystic Himalayan Kingdom in the summers. The hard part of this climate is the heat and humidity. The best part of this country is; there are many destinations, where the sun’s scorching heat would not be a problem during summer.

Here are the top summer vacation places in Nepal.

List of Summer Vacation Places:


Summer Vacation Places

This unique destination is located closer to the border of Nepal and Tibet. The upper side of Mustang is almost desert with very little rainfall. However, the lower part of Mustang is where the magic is. The place is tropical alpine vegetated green spot. The Kali Gandaki Gorger is the main attraction of this place. This unique geography makes the place more apt for wonderful adventure activities like mountain biking, trekking, rock climbing, camping and others. Mustang is one of the best trekking in Nepal. Thanks to the border of Himalayan Ranges, the summer is mild and forgiving in this region.


Summer Vacation Places

If you are the cliché tourist looking for summer destination, visit Pokhara. This city is called as the City of Lakes. This destination is one of the most beautiful spots in Nepal, fill with green hills, grand view of peaks of Himalayas, adventure activities, water activities and of course the collection of lakes. Top adventure activities to try here are zip-lining, paragliding, skydiving, water rafting, canoeing, and others. If you are visiting with your family, you can easily make a romantic vacation out of it. The land is simply scenic from every view. If you are looking for some alone time, there are a few Buddhist monasteries, cakes, waterfall sites, lesser-visited trekking trails, outskirts hill regions, and others.


Summer Vacation Places

Are you looking for somewhere entirely out of commercialization and modernization? Nagarkot is a natural kingdom, not far away from the city but managed to cuddle up with nature. Thanks to the Annapurna and Mt. Everest’s view, the land is always pleasing. This hill town is one of the top tourist destinations and honeymoon spots in the country. Strolling through small villages, rice fields and covering small hillocks are some of the main activities here. Watching sunrise and sunset from viewpoints is the best-loved romantic activity of this region. If you are into adventure activities, mountain biking, trekking, rock climbing, and camping are quite common here.

There is no point in reconsidering your choice to visit Nepal in summer. May it is winter or summer, Nepal has its collection of destinations, which will be at prime beauty. If you are looking for a beautiful vacation outside the clutches of the modern lifestyle, this Nepal ecosystem is the right place to lay low and rejuvenate your body and soul.