Should you Know Leader Accessories Super Mag Hauler Steel Hunting Deer Game Cart

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Should you Know Leader Accessories Super Mag Hauler Steel Hunting Deer Game Cart. Deer hunting is an exciting sport. It feels so right and fulfilling to hunters when they successfully hunt down deer. Anyway, there always lies another task ahead of hunters after hunting down a fat deer. And this task is the dragging or carrying the deer to the vehicles. And here hunters face up with difficulties as nobody wants to carry or drag such heavyweight.

Fred Hoffman, founder of IBC7.org says, “Well, a deer cart can be a great solution to this problem.”. He also adds that, With a deer cart, hunters can easily move the deer from one point to another. Well, a deer cart can be a great solution to this problem. With a deer cart, hunters can easily move the deer from one point to another. Besides hauling the deer, hunters can also use a deer cart for keeping their other hunting gears. So, undoubtedly, it helps hunters in many ways.

On the other hand, it can add additional problems for hunters if they choose the wrong one. A malfunctioned cart can even raze the excitement of hunting. That’s why most hunters always go with the best deer cart. In case you need something like that, here we are going to describe the high-quality deer cart which can fulfill your needs. And it is the Leader Accessories Super Mag Hauler Deer Game Cart. So, let’s check out its features:

The Design & Loading Capacity

The Leader Accessories Super Mag Hauler comes with the highest weight load capacity. The hauler features heavy-duty steel construction, and the carrier can keep your heavy loads in place while you wheel it to your vehicle. And so, it can haul up to 550 lbs of weight. Although it has a robust design, it is pretty lightweight. Its weight is around 20-25 lbs only.

A Little Bit Bulky

The Leader Accessories Super Mag Hauler consists of the tubular-steel and features the welded square design. The manufacturer has made it user-friendly, and so, users can fold the cart down for convenient storage. Besides that, the game cart has two buckle straps which keep deer firmly on it. But the only drawback regarding this cart is it is a bit bulky. As it is crafted from the heavy-duty frame, so users may find it cumbersome even after folding the unit.

Large Wheels

Another impressive feature of the hauler is it has two 20″ puncture-proof wheels. And they come with adequate spokes as well as steel rims. So, they can go over small logs and other obstacles smoothly. And the game cart can easily carry out and transport heavyweight. To get the best result, users sometimes need to keep the spokes tight. Overall, it is an ideal deer cart that can fulfill the requirements of any deer hunter. And you may choose the stuff for your next hunting trip.


  • Well made
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Ergonomic design
  • Suitable for hauling other gears
  • Features the highest weight capacity
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Convenient to store
  • High-quality
  • Fairly priced


  • A little bit bulky


The deer tend to be heavy, and their weights are up to 200 pounds. So, after shooting any deer, hunters look for an easy way to transport it back to their vehicles. And they use the deer cart as it makes transportation easier. It is useful stuff, and it is widely popular for deer hunting.

If you are an avid hunter and you are searching for something to carry your downed deer, you can use the deer cart to make your task easier. It can help you carry animals over a longer distance without straining your back. And with that, it will protect you from incurring injury. But make sure you are using the best one. As you know, the best stuff always comes with excellent features, and it helps you a lot to get the best result. In terms of qualities and expert’s reviews, many hunters find the Leader Accessories Super Mag Hauler as the right equipment for carrying deer. Thus, you may also use it for your next adventure.