Surprise Someone on Their Special Day with a Special Cake

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Celebrating every little victory or happiness in life is very important. Be it a birthday, a wedding anniversary, a business deal, Valentine’s Day, mother’s day or any such occasion, celebrating it means that you value that relationship or that feeling. It means the world to the other person for whom you are doing it. Appreciating their contribution in your life not only motivates them and fills their heart with warmth and love, but it also strengthens the bond that you share and helps make it an association of a lifetime.

No matter what the occasion, a little surprise in the form a sweet and flavorsome cake makes the whole affair a tad more delightful. With the advent of online cake ordering portals, getting the perfect cake for any occasion is indeed a piece of cake, pun intended. Be it your favorite red velvet cake or the universal favorite Choco chip cake, you can easily get what your heart desires.

To help you with your goal, here are easy tips to ensure that you have a special cake ready to surprise your loved ones on their special days:

  • Focus on the decoration: A well-decorated cake is loved by all and becomes the center of attraction. You can go for an offbeat theme for decoration to add an element of surprise to the cake.
  • Keep your plans for the cake a secret: The best chance you have to surprise the person whose special day you are celebrating is to keep your plans for the cake a secret till the time you present it to everyone who is present in the party.
  • Keep the packaging different: If you use the traditional packaging for the cake, then the person for whom it is meant can guess that you have got him/her a cake. It takes away the surprise element and that can ruin your plans to make it a special moment. So you need to be creative with the packaging. The best surprise is always well disguised.
  • Experiment with the design: Custom cakes are in vogue these days and it is primarily because of the flexibility of choosing the design that it gives you. You can order custom cake online and select any theme you want. A fun and quirky theme will be quite unexpected and will make for a pleasant surprise.
  • Hide a special gift inside the cake: Surprises are often the sweetest when they are most unexpected and a gift inside the cake is the most unexpected place for the gift. You can decide upon any gift but preferably, it should be small and special. A personalized gift such as a locket, a pendant, a personal letter in a small box etc. are some of the ideas you can consider.
  • Schedule the time and place of delivery appropriately: Keeping the suspense alive till the last moment before cutting of the cake will be a great idea. You can do that by scheduling the delivery for just minutes before the time of cake-cutting. If you can not get the cake delivered at the location where you are having the party then you need to get it delivered beforehand at a location where you can be sure that your secret plan will not be leaked and you can still get the cake on the location of the party on time.
  • Add some theatricality: The look and feel of the cake is important but there is another thing which matters just as much if you want to pull off a surprise and that is how you present the cake. If you add a touch of theatricality to the way in which you present the cake to the audience, it will heighten the surprise element.

So, what do you think about these ideas? One thing is for sure that these are easy to implement and can have a great impact on the fun quotient of your celebration. So, go ahead and enjoy yourselves.