The Right Care needed for Blood Cancer Patients

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Symptoms of Blood Cancer – Blood Cancer patients can also live a long and healthy life, thanks to the advances made in science and medicines. In fact, with the right care and treatment at home, a patient might continue to lead a long and healthy life. Blood cancer is caused when the white blood cells of the body, which are meant to protect the body against infections, start behaving abnormally themselves and causes an anomaly in the red blood cells of the body, preventing them from performing the functions they are meant to do. Also known as leukemia, blood cancer can show a number of symptoms:

The symptoms of blood cancer:

  • The patient can experience severe pain in the joint and bones
  • The lymph nodes will be swollen
  • There could be bouts of fever and severe fatigue
  • Bruising and bleeding of cuts
  • Loss of appetite
  • Discomfort in the abdomen

Usually a biopsy of the bone marrow and chest X ray has to be conducted to confirm blood cancer amongst others. There could be other signs and symptoms as well. It is important that the patient gets help at the earliest to have the best chance of survival. The treatment of blood cancer would include chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant and while they cannot be conducted at home, the recovery and post operative care definitely can be. In fact, portable chemotherapy pumps are now being used increasingly for patients who cannot be removed frequently. Blood transfusion might also be needed at regular intervals and this is why it is not probably a good idea to have the medical care routine shifted home. However, the next phase of treatment which involves giving the patient full life support and the best healing environment, can definitely be arranged at home. Such treatment could also be cheaper and the money can be used for the further treatment of the patient if needed. 

Normally, it is advised to take certain measures for the early prevention of leukemia. Chemical agents such as benzene or pesticide should be avoided. Smoking or inhaling vapor or tobacco consumption can also contribute to the same. Your physician would normally advise you to adapt to a more balanced and healthy life. A healthy diet and a regular exercise helps improve the flow of your blood hence increasing the possibility of prevention of both cancer and other diseases. Before undergoing the various treatments of blood cancer, you can undergo various physiotherapeutic exercises to help combat exhaustion and anxiety caused during the treatment. With increased scientific research, the survival rate of the disease seem quite promising. 

The treatment of blood cancer will depend on the type of blood cancer the patient has:

  • Leukemia originates from the tissue of the blood
  • Non Hodgkin Lymphoma is the type of blood cancer which originates from the lymphocytes and occurs in the body’s lymphatic system. 
  • Hodhkin Lymphoma occurs when a particular abnormal cell known as B lymphocyte occurs in the body.
  • Multiple myeloma occurs when the plasma cells in the body that are located in the bone marrow are affected. 

When arranging from home care for a patient who has been diagnosed with and is undergoing blood cancer treatment at home, it is important to hire caregivers who are not just experienced but are also compassionate. They will be staying with the family in the very difficult times and caregivers at Portea Bangalore are up to this task. The nurses and doctors follow the plan that the oncologist has paved for the recovery of the patient and ensure that all the steps are meticulously followed to give the patient the best chance at recovery.