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Taking care of your lashes can be stressful for some and sometimes difficult to maintain. There are some things we do to our lashes that are making it even more sparsely and fall off.  And soon we realize that our lashes are no longer as they use to be. Caring for our lashes is pretty easy but also when we do it wrong, it will eventually cause more harm to them.

Here are some few tips on what to avoid when taking care of our lashes.

Ripping off false lashes is harmful

Most of us make the mistake of ripping off our false lashes at night especially when we are too tired and we become unconcerned about being gentle, thus, we just want to remove it and fall asleep. But as we rip them off, we end up getting rid of our precious naturally lashes with it. 

The best way to remove your false lashes is to soak a cotton pad in oil-based makeup remover or olive oil, then place the cotton pad on your closed eye for 20 seconds to loosen the glue. This will make it easy to gentlly remove the false lashes without affecting the natural lashes.

Sharing Mascara

If you really want to take care of your eyelashes, don’t share your mascara. Always remember that sharing mascara is an easy way to introduce infection into your eye that it does not only cause irritation to your eye but also can be very harmful to you. Mascara is an optimal breeding ground for bacteria due to the wet formula and dark container they often have allows germs to breed rapidly. 

It may be normal to you and seem harmless when swapping those makeup kits with your friend, but our makeup items are constantly being used across oily skin, germy lashes and the likes which make it unhealthy.

Wearing waterproof mascara

Another thing you need to avoid when caring for your mascara is to stay away from waterproof mascara because they can be quite difficult to remove. Waterproof mascaras are made with powerful formulas whereby when used can cause unnecessary stress on your existing lashes which often leads to breakage and eventually they fall off. 

Also, due to how difficult it gets to remove the waterproof mascara they tend to make your lashes fall off as you scrub them. 

Proper care of my eyelash for regrowth

Taking care of our eyelashes should not be stressful to us but something we should consider it to be a routine that will ensure the safety of our lashes and maintain our gorgeous looks. 

While some of us might have made the above mistakes when caring for our lashes which might have cost us, nonetheless there are ways to save those eyelashes and preserve our lash growthEyelash growth enhancer serum can help to stimulate the lash growth to its natural form making it looks fuller, thicker, and more stunning than before. With eyelash serum, you don’t have to panic which often results in caring for your lashes the wrong way. Follow this link to discover the GrandeLash brand and how its eyelash serum can really help you.