Reasons Why Connecting to Target Audience Is Substantial

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Reasons Why Connecting to Target Audience Is Substantial – Businesses in the United States spent a total of $151 billion in advertising in 2018. Facebook generated about $23 billion in ads, Google generated about $42 billion, and just during the airing of the 2019 Super Bowl, advertisers spent $442 million.

Unless businesses are reaching their target audience though, they are wasting their money. If a company selling baby supplies has its advertising mainly reaching people who do not have babies, how much product will they end up selling? If a cosmetic company’s ads are mainly reaching older men, the business generated may not add much to their bottom line.

Therefore, to have a successful business, your advertising must reach the people that would be interested in what you are promoting. 

What Is Meant By a “Targeted Audience”?

Who is your main customer? Men, women, men with motorcycles, women with babies, people interested in higher education, or elderly individuals in need of assisted living accommodations? Whoever would be the most interested group of consumers of your product is your target audience.

If you are selling cosmetics with some new fancy colors, you may want to target young women or women with teenage daughters. If they are your target audience, then you would need to consider what type of magazine to advertise in. Which social platforms to advertise on and what keywords to use. If you have a website, it would also determine the wording used. The main focus of your advertising should be directed to reach that group.

You would be wasting your time, energy, and money just doing general advertising or trying to catch the attention of a group that doesn’t need your product.

The Wording and Content of Your Website Should Get It in Front of Your Target Audience

A major goal of your website is to show up first in search engine results. About 75 percent of internet users never scroll past the first page of search results. Therefore, it is imperative that your website is search engine optimized. It can mean the life of your business.

Your website’s SEO (search engine optimization) makes the difference between dollars and cents. The further down the search results you land, the less likely someone will click on your link.  As mentioned over here, it is always wise to get some help in getting your website in front of your target audience.


Target Audience:

  • Target Audience: The group of consumers that would be the most interested in your product.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization): The process of increasing the visibility of a website or a web page to users of an internet search engine.

Organic results:

  • Organic results: Unpaid webpage results that show up in an internet search.

Benefits of Connecting With Your Target Audience

1. Connecting With Your Target Audience Will Increase Sales

How does a business survive? Customers and more customers! Especially customers who come back for more. Without getting your product in front of the group of consumers who will be most likely to buy your product, then no capital will be coming into your business. Sales equal money. Sales equal growth. Sales equal surviving.

2. Connecting With Your Target Audience Pinpoints Your Marketing

No business owner wants to spend marketing dollars on advertising that is not working. The most effective way to spend your marketing budget is to get advertising in front of those who will become customers. As you evaluate who is buying your product, you can be more precise with your advertising.

With a cosmetic business, you may notice that teenage girls are buying fingernail polish with vibrant colors. So, with your marketing of those vibrant colors, you would advertise in a way that gets those ads in front of teenage girls.

Maybe you notice that older women prefer more subdued colors for their fingernails. It would be a waste of advertising dollars to market the “crazy” fingernail polish colors to them. Pinpointing your customers in this way will automatically increase sales.

3. Connecting With Your Target Audience Builds Brand Loyalty

As your target audience continues to see your advertising, you build brand awareness and your brand becomes recognizable in that group. Seeing a consistent message over time builds trust in your product and creates a favorable impression of your brand. As repeat customers buy more of your product, you build brand loyalty.

Part of your target audience that you should advertise to is previous customers. It has been shown that a large percentage of future sales will come from existing customers.

Who will be more likely to buy your new color of lipstick, a new customer or an existing one? Happy customers love to talk about their purchases. They will spread the word and get others excited about your products. Sales will grow.

4. Connecting With Your Target Audience Helps to Launch New Products

When launching a new product, how best to find out if it will sell than with your target audience. If your most likely customers are not buying it, then it probably will not be a moneymaker.

Connecting with your target audience will enhance your marketing efforts and have a great impact on your sales. You will build customer loyalty and make a success of your business.