What Really Happened When You Get A Tattoo Removed?

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What Really Happened When You Get A Tattoo Removed? We all have regrets in our lives. For some of us, those regrets don’t just flash in our minds before we sleep, they flash prominently on our skin, reminding us of that misguided decision to get something inked! Whether you’ve got a past lover’s name written on your skin or just an amateurish design that you want to remove, you can now kiss your tattoo regrets goodbye by opting for a laser tattoo removal procedure. Before you start looking for tattoo removal procedures in your area, read on to know what happens.

1. It will be over faster than you think!

While getting that tattoo probably took an hour or more, getting it removed is a much quicker procedure! More often than not, a tattoo removal procedure takes anywhere between 30 seconds to 5 minutes, based on the design you’ve got. Additionally, other factors like how old your tattoo is and whether it uses colored ink also play a key role in how quickly the tattoo gets removed.

Interestingly, if you’ve had the tattoo created at a professional studio, it acts as a deterrent to the tattoo removal process. This is because professional artists ensure that the tattoo stays on the skin for a long time, while random artists who are practicing on friends are not able to ensure the same. This is why getting tattoos made by amateurs results in designs that can be quickly erased!

2. It hurts a little!

If you love tattoos, you’re no stranger to slight pain! Do expect a little bit of discomfort while getting your tattoo removed. The good news is, as we said, the procedure gets over rather quickly!

3. The ink turns into waste, which is then excreted!

When you get your tattoo removed, you’ll note that the dermatologist may require you to exercise afterward. This is because the ink is broken down by the laser into smaller particles that are excreted by the body in the form of sweat or urine. The larger particles of ink are taken care of by the liver and removed through the body’s excretory system.

4. You can experience side effects!

When it comes to tattoo removal through laser treatments, you must keep in mind that there are certain side effects to be expected. These include hyperpigmentation, hypopigmentation, and even the formation of scars. Sometimes, these scars fade away while at other times, they may stay with you for life.

5. You must visit a dermatologist for tattoo removal!

Though there are many technicians and experts that offer this service, it is always better to go to a licensed dermatologist if you want a safe procedure. A dermatologist can help you prevent side effects, and can make sure that the tattoo is removed in its entirety. Do not opt for technicians offering this service just to save a few bucks as it may lead to dire consequences in the long run!

An experienced dermatologist can help you remove that regretful tattoo quickly and efficiently! Get in touch with one today!