The Amazing Story About Nandall Mangal

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You don’t hear much about Indian people winning big in lotteries which may come as a surprise. Surely a country that holds a fifth of the world’s population should have a ton of winners every month? The truth is that physical lotteries are banned in almost all of the country, while poor internet connections have previously made it difficult or impossible for people to access lotteries online. But times are changing. 

There’s currently an explosion of people looking to change their lives through lotteries, following in the footsteps of Nandall Mangal who is the world’s biggest Powerball winner with an Indian heritage. In August 2018 he made a fortune     by playing the lottery – a stunning amount of $245 million was sent straight into his bank account. Want to know the details? Then let us give you his full story!  

A Modest Man With a Modest Job and Modest Dreams

Born in the Caribbean, Nandall Mangall made a life for himself working as a construction worker in the American city that never sleeps – New York. This is also where the convenience store is located where he bought his winning Powerball ticket that would make him a multi-millionaire. 

You may think that Mangall had a habit of regularly entering the lottery, but the fact of the matter is that he only bought Powerball tickets when the jackpot had reached more than $100 million. And he never played online even though plenty of sites such as Lottoland have made this a very convenient possibility. He always bought his tickets at a physical retailer in the city. 

When the drawing took place in August 2018, the 42-year-old Nandall had no idea that he had won. He was out of town and had left the winning ticket laying on the kitchen table as if it wasn’t important at all. Eventually he found out that he had scooped the massive jackpot of $245 million when he checked his lottery numbers over the internet. But he wasn’t jumping with joy. At least we don’t think he was. 

In an interview, Nandall actually said that he didn’t have a clue what to do with the money. Work is not a problem for this modest man. Quite the contrary – he likes working and said that he wouldn’t quit his construction job. The only thing that he knew he would do with the money was taking a trip to Hawaii as a modest dream of his was to visit this beautiful Island. 

While the story of Nandall isn’t more jaw-dropping than this, I can only imagine what I would do with such a win. Surely more than this modest man! How about you? What would you do if you suddenly had $245 shipped to your bank account and never had to worry about money again?