The Common Sports Injuries

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Engaging in sports is critical for every individual’s life. The activities will boost a person’s health through boosting respiration, a good heart, and muscular strength. However, regardless of the advantages, engaging in weakness has some demerits. The sportspeople are likely to trip and fall or make wrong movements increasing the risks of injuries which are usually excruciating, interfering with the athletes’ lives. If you suffer from these injuries, Kai Sports Medicine LLC is your best solution. The following are the common sports injuries you are likely to suffer.

Hamstring strain

This injury is caused by the activities that make the individual kick the leg out sharply or fall forward. This instance affects the three muscles that are the back of your thigh. You can try to apply RICE treatment. You can also consider having physical therapy to boost your flexibility and strength after the pain and swelling have seized. Besides, you should visit a specialist to evaluate your condition to prevent it from escalating.  

Ankle Sprain

The ligaments outside your ankle are relatively weak, making them prone to injury. For instance, whenever the ankle is twisted, the person can suffer from a stretch or a tear. These sprains have acute pain, so the person should visit the doctor immediately. Besides, you can incorporate physical therapy to boost recovery since it will improve your flexibility and strength.

Shoulder Injuries

Even though the shoulder affords a series of movements, it is one of the unstable body parts. This characteristic makes it susceptible to injury. For instance, most athletes have been suffering from rotator cuff tear, four tendons holding the shoulder joint in one place. Other athletes suffer from shoulder dislocations, sprains, and strains.

Achilles Tendonitis

The Achilles tendon is found at the back of the ankle and connects the calf muscle and the heel bone. The overuse of the calf muscle causes the Achilles tendon tear. Some of the most common treatments are using RICE treatment or anti-inflammatories. It is also important to visit a specialist to examine the critical condition.

The Groin Pull

The groin muscles are at the individual’s inner thigh. Most groin injuries are suffered in hockey, baseball, and football since they require frequent side-to-side motion. Besides, you may be re-injured if you move back to the sport when you have not fully recovered. You can use the RICE treatment to treat the condition. However, if you are experiencing acute pain, you should visit the doctor immediately.

Sciatica (Back)

The sciatica nerve extends from the individual’s lower back to every part of their leg. The injury will pressure the sciatic nerve when the athlete suffers an injury at the spine, such as a bulging disk. These individuals will likely suffer numbness, pain, and tingling down the leg. In most instances, this injury occurs in sports that require flexed forward posture or upper body rotation.

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