The Finest Netflix Series To Watch Right Now (October 2021)

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Summer is finally over, and fall has arrived, but fear not: this is a month filled with scary and highly praised films. It’s nearly a nationwide hobby to spend hours binge-watching the best Netflix series (especially when it’s freezing outdoors). They’ll keep you occupied—and culturally isolated, you’re ready to begin streaming Christmas movies on Netflix.

We’ve collected listings of the greatest Halloween movies on Netflix if you’re in the want for a great scare, the greatest romance movies on Netflix if you’re in the mood for love, and Black history movies on Netflix if you’re looking to enlighten yourself.

This list of the most exemplary programs to stream on Netflix right now, which includes everything from tearjerker dramas to classic blockbusters to spooky episodes to get you in the mood for Halloween, is sure to provide some ideas for your October viewing. So bring extra apple cider, wrap up beneath a blanket, and settle in for the fall season—plenty there’s to keep you occupied.

Netflix’s Most Excellent Series In October 2021


The story of Day dreamer revolves around Sanem Ajit, a bold, brash young woman who aspires to be a writer. At the same time, her parents force her to choose between an organised wedding and a respectable professional career. She starts a job in a marketing agency and quickly falls utterly in love with her boss, Can Divit. Sam and Can embark on a risky romantic adventure as a result of the arrangement.

Squid Game

This Korean series, which has been making Netflix history (it’s number one in the Top 10), is a must-watch if you’re a fan of Hunger Games, Battle Royale, or Belko Experiment-style stories. In conclusion, hundreds of cash-strapped individuals embrace an odd offer to participate in what appear to be harmless games with an enticing reward. There are a handful of caveats: Everybody else passes away because there is only one winner. But we’ll follow up on everything you need to know about Squid Game Season 2.


You is the Netflix original series and it’s based on a romantic crime drama. This psychiatric mystery documentary looks into the mind of a hopelessly romantic psychopath—two qualities that shouldn’t go together. Joe (Penn Badgley) returns to Netflix on October 15 for Season 3, continuing his highly toxic and deluded relationships with females.

Midnight Mass

Get ready, horror fans: Mike Flanagan’s (The Haunting of Hill House, Doctor Sleep) newest show is ideal for your Halloween binge-watching. Everything appears too beautiful to be accurate when a passionate monk arrives and brings inexplicable marvels to a secluded island village. To cut a long storey short, the newly pious citizens quickly discover that wonders come at a cost. And if you’re familiar with horror shows and Mike Flanagan, you’ll understand that if anything seems too fantastic to be true, it probably is.

The Chair

Ji-Yoon (Emmy winner Sandra Oh) is the new chair of Pembroke University’s English department, but the promotion isn’t as smooth as it appears. As the department’s first female chair and one of the university’s few employees of colour, she’s in the middle of a public relations nightmare: a fellow educator has been alleged of inappropriate behaviour with a student and based on the trailer, he might well be involved in a relationship with Ji-Yoon herself.