The Initial 6 Things To Do As You Upgrade To iOS 13

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September 19th was indeed a big day for all the iPhone enthusiast since it marks the launch date of iOS 13. The new upgrade associates a host full of premiering updates, features and improvements. Likewise was experienced since onwards the release of iOS 13 it revelled features the entire weeks ahead and many were so anticipated that they wanted to be the first to try it out.

Update the apps

As the iPhone is updated and has been restarted you should visit the App Store and check for any app updates if available. When indulging to create an app for iPhone, developers are already well aware and prepared to provide redesigning features on upgrade. To update the app tap on your profile picture that is available at the upper right to view your Account page. Further on pulling or scrolling downward will allow to refresh. Their maybe numerous apps that require updates.   

Enable Dark Mode

The option was optional if you want or don’t want a light or dark appearance on your screen. The option was available on the first time on restarting your phone upon the update to iOS 13. There are various ways that you can quickly switch between the features of dark and light appearance. One way is also available that allows to automatically enable the dark appearance at night and light during the day time. It is suggested to live the Dark mode for a few days and see if it is of your fondness or no.  

Create an iMessage Profile

Through the iOS 13 a user can set a name and image for others to view as they receive a message from your end while using iMessage online. The image can be edited as per need using Memoji or Animoji as well. As there is a wide range of new Memoji options that will be provided as well after the system update. It would be the perfect time to use and indulge in them.

Try the Apple Arcade

Apple has been publicizing since long of its introduction of the new game subscription service that is named Apple Arcade. Providing access to more than 100 games at $4.99 per month. None of the games has any in-app ads, purchases or any other manner to extract more money from its users.  As it is a more family sharing platform as it permits up to five other members on the Apple Arcade. On enjoying several games it is safe to state that it is amazingly good and the quality of the games are also quite exquisite. 

Take a tour through the Apple Maps

Based on previous experience the Apple Maps have not been the best aid when wanting to reach at a certain destination. But with the new and improvised detailing in the mapping data the feature is rapidly growing across the US and one reason for it the redesign and added feature and updates on the Maps app. So, defiantly it is worth trying now. It may even provide a better experience than Google Map.

Specifically preview the appearance on the feature as it may require a bit navigation to find monuments across a big city. The app has also been improvised that few favourite locations so that you can have quick access.   

Silent Unknown Calls

With spam calls going completely out of control the iOS 13 upgrade has provided an ideal feature that can overcome the problem. It has provided the “Silent Unknown Calls” feature that has proved to be a good feature to eradicate such annoying calls. One can avail this feature via going to the setting apps> scroll below> tap on the phone to enable the toggle for this feature to be active.

For anyone calling from a number that has not been saved to the contact. The call will directly connect straight to voicemail having the phone not even having to ring. It is a tremendous feature/setting to enable. Though you would want to keep in mind to turn it off if you are expecting a call from an unknown source.  As an example, if you reached out to a plumber from any source and anticipate them to call you, you would require to moreover disable the feature or add their number to your Contacts in order to communicate with them. It is as a silence feature that will show up on your phone app history and still get a notification of a miscall.

Calls that are silenced will still show up in your Phone app’s history and you’ll still get a missed call notification. You just won’t have to hear your phone ring.