The Pros and Cons of the Portable Toilet

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Perhaps you have not given this much of a thought. If you have, it might be because you have used one, or you are the organiser responsible for making sure that you have plenty of portable toilets available and in position. As an employer on a construction site, the workers will need somewhere to go. If you organise events, the guests at a wedding, or the audience members at an outdoor music concert, will want their experience enhanced by the facilities. Whatever business you are in, portable toilet hire is available online, where there are companies offering this service, supplying these units, and emptying their tanks. 

What is a Portaloo?

The story begins with George Harding, who during World War II, worked in the United States War Department, where he was known for numerous innovative creations. These then resulted in him, in the 1960s, inventing a polyethylene plastic portable restroom, which he had patented. Following on from this, the late Donald Shepherd OBE invented the Portakabin and subsequently the portaloo. When he retired as chairman of Portakabin Group of Companies, he had spent 63 years in construction. Construction workers and event organisers have a lot to thank him for.

These portaloos contain a blue liquid at the bottom which is a powerful deodorizer that has disinfecting properties. The chemicals used will eliminate the smells produced from these portable restrooms. The last thing that a worker, or a guest, wants is to smell something unpleasant, between his or her jobs, or when enjoying an event. Not only are these toilets portable but they can be kept fresh for many people to use. They are the way that masses of people can be accommodated and catered for. There is an interesting article that you might like to read about toilets which use the chemical process.


Portable toilets can service a great many workers on a construction site, or people attending an event. They can be used in outdoor locations and placed in any position required.

With construction workers, there will be many of them all working together on the same site for days, weeks, even months. Portable toilets help workers to improve their productivity levels because they do not have to then waste time looking for a toilet facility. Several workers can go at the same time when they have been working on a job together. The convenience of Portable toilets will keep the workers happy and so improve morale. These units will ensure that the sanitary and safety standards on a construction site are maintained. The workers’ privacy will be guaranteed.

With audiences at outdoor music concerts, rallies, and sporting events, everyone will want to be able to have their toilet break in the intervals. This does not always leave much time but is made possible by the deployment of extra portable toilets outside a venue. Events such as steam or car rallies will be held outdoors, barring a few tents containing models, crafts, and food demonstrations. Thousands will attend these events and require the use of toilets several times a day. It is only through the development of portable toilets, that needs on this scale can be serviced, and in the most pleasurable way possible, to encourage those same people to attend the same event again the next year. 

Guests at weddings will enjoy the experience more by not having to keep going back inside a venue to find the toilet when the marquee is outside.

Portable toilets are unisex, so guests at events will only need to look for an empty one. A green, as opposed to a red marker on the outside door, which is linked to the catch, will in many cases indicate vacancy, if not the words themselves.

Portable toilet hiring will include not just the delivery of the units, and the taking away of them again, but also the regular emptying of their tanks. This is particularly important where the portable toilets remain in position for many months at a construction site, or where there is say a 3-day event with hundreds or thousands of people attending on each of the days.


The only disadvantage, really, is that portable toilets will, of course, come at a cost to hire, but it will be a small price to pay to keep the workers or guests happy. There will be workers and guests who expect maximum luxury, but most will favour speed and convenience. 

So, portable toilets continue to remain useful and the way forward. If you have workers to think of, provide them with portable toilets close to their workspace to save on time, and if you are catering for guests or an audience, improve their experience by making toileting easy and adequate so that they do not miss that important speech or favourite song while queuing.