The top 7 Ultimate Slide Shoes for Women in 2020

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What is comfort for your feet? More than bare feet, comfort is a pair of slide shoes. Not exactly a shoe but similar in the sense that it covers your leg, slides are the go-to footwear for women who like to add a bit of comfort in their daily hustles. Slides are super easy to carry, extremely soft, and for most parts, very durable. They are like sandals with no back support and only a front flap that holds your legs within the footwear. They have almost zero to a little wedge or heel which is also a reason why the shoes can provide the right kind of comfort required. Slides have always been there as secondary footwear for both men and women but with recent developments in the unique designs and patterns, slides have grown as a fashion statement for most. 

You can effortlessly rock a pair of slide shoes with almost any kind of clothing that is from skirts, jeans, shorts to your pajamas. Are you planning to add a pair of slides to your shoe collection? If you are, wait till you learn about these 7 slides you need to consider before making a firm decision. 

1: Slides by Novoshoes

Novo shoes have got an explicit collection of some of the best and most affordable slide shoes in it’s an online catalog. Among the many, splendor black is a standout. The slides are not just comfortable but also have a couple of inches of heels that give you that extra bit of height you would need. You can find this and many similar pairs on the 

2: Nike Women slides

Nike has been making slides for quite some time now. Thew brand has got a great collection of slide shoes with a soft sole and flat heels. You can comfortably wear them to a beach, or just for an evening stroll with your friends. The slides have a synthetic leather strap and a footbed well textured to provide an extra bit of comfort. There are a great number of colors of slides in Nike catalogs that you can choose from as well. 

3: Slides by Crocs

Crocs have risen into fashion in recent times due to their durability and distinct fashion. Slides by crocs will guarantee your comfort. The slides have a long life and are made of super light synthetic material. It simply feels like a feather when you wear them. 

4: Adidas women slide shoes

Adidas makes slides that give a first impression of being simply sporty. It’s seamless design and super comfortable material makes you want to we’re them all the time. Adidas provides multiple colors and patterns in their slide shoes that you can browse through and enjoy calming wear. 

5: Slides by Puma

Recently a picture of Gigi Hadid went viral rocking a pair of puma sides. They are both luxurious and comfortable and not to forget sporty. Puma’s high-end slides are also made with materials like faux fur making it unbearably comfy. You can rock a pair of these along with your frocks, mini’s, and denim. 

6: A pair of black slides by Gucci

If you have got the money for it, a black pair of Gucci slides is as fashionable as it gets. They are one of the most comfortable slides you will ever find out there. But remember, maintaining them can be a little pain. You have to be very careful with every step you take. So, yah! That’s it. Other than that, regardless of what dress you are wearing Gucci slides will wow everyone out. 

7: Waterproof slide sandals

Talking about slides, one you surely need is a waterproof one. Slides are most commonly worn in places like the beach which means, they need to be waterproof and hence, waterproof slides are necessary. If you travel to the beach or love a walk near a water body, one of these is a must. 

These are some of the best and most loved slides shoes you would want to consider for your wardrobe. They are priced differently depending on the brand you choose and the material it is made of but, in the end, you want something that stays with you, and slides do stay with you. There are various other brands including under armor and sketches that are also worth consideration. If you want to take a break from shoes and wear something just for comfort’s sake, you need to try slides. Remember, if you shop online look for offers as numerous brands offer varied discounts on slides throughout the year.