The Trend For Simpler Weddings Continues

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This year looks set to be one of the busiest for weddings, as along with celebrations already scheduled, 47% of engaged couples who postponed their wedding last year also plan to get married in 2021. Although more people will be getting married, many couples are choosing to take forward some of the more positive trends that have grown out of the enforced restrictions of the past few months. They have had time to think about the things they value most, and, as a result, are focusing less on a show of extravagance for one day, and more on quieter and more significant ways to show their commitment to each other. Couples are spending more on engagement rings, choosing intimate sit down dinner parties over extravagant buffets, and embracing the technology that has enabled a greater connection with their family and friends. 

Enduring Symbols Of Commitment

Restrictions on weddings have resulted in couples thinking less about extravagant celebrations and more about how they can show their commitment to each other, not just on one single day but throughout their marriage. For many people engaged to be married, taking their partner’s surname is a significant sign of the commitment that they are making, and 70% of brides still uphold this tradition. With spending less on their wedding, couples are also placing more importance on choosing the right engagement and wedding rings as a lasting token of their love for each other. The demand for larger diamonds has grown recently, and couples are increasingly looking for unusual cuts such as pear and heart-shaped gems to symbolize their happy union. 

Simpler And Safer Celebrations

The trend for extravagant wedding buffets was fading even before they became inadvisable for reasons of hygiene. Last year, they were swapped for creative sack lunches and individually packed plates. Already becoming a familiar sight at wedding receptions, food trucks really came into their own, serving a variety of fast food from pizza and tacos to doughnuts and ice cream. Even as restrictions are lifted, a small sit down dinner or even just a simple champagne reception continue to be popular, as couples choose less lavish and more intimate wedding receptions.

Sharing Lasting Memories

One of the biggest positive trends to emerge from last year’s wedding celebrations has grown out of the imposed restrictions on guest numbers. For those couples who didn’t want to postpone their wedding, livestreaming the event to friends and family turned into a surprisingly successful way to share the day. Filming focuses on the whole ceremony rather than just the highlights as a wedding video might. Together with pre-recorded messages and toasts, interactive games and virtual photo booths, technology not only allows many more people to connect and interact on the day, but also creates lasting mementos for the couple to cherish.

The past few months has seen many changes to traditional celebrations, but even as original wedding plans are reinstated this year, some of these changes are being embraced and integrated into future arrangements. Couples are focusing less on lavish ceremonies and looking for lasting symbols and mementoes of their commitment to each other.