Benefits Of The Thermal Backpack Blower

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Benefits Of The Thermal Backpack Blower. A leaf blower is a gardening tool that runs on gasoline or electric energy. Like all things and all materials, this blower has drawbacks as well as advantages, but it is still considered the most efficient device when it comes to gardening and especially to blowing leaves and debris in the garden and in the courtyard, even in the alleys and in some areas more or less rugged.

Characteristics of blowers that run on Gas

In general, the gas-powered leaf blowers are known to be the most powerful when it comes to cleaning large surfaces, exceeding 2000m2. The airflow out of the blowpipe is higher than that of an electrical apparatus. It is possible for the user to carry it anywhere in the garden with great freedom of movement. There is no wire that would prevent the passage between the trees.

The engine of a thermal blower can be 2 or 4 strokes depending on the model. One of the characteristics of the thermal blower is the noise of the engine, especially at 2 strokes. Mounted on the back, the machine is easier to handle, and the user can avoid exhaust gases in this position. Note that the 2-stroke engine requires gasoline mixed directly with specific oil, at a rate of 2 to 3% according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

More function for a vacuum blower

There are cases where the gas-powered blower no longer meets the user’s needs. For example, one no longer wants to pick up the leaves in one place after blowing. Instead, he wants the leaves and debris to be treated directly, if not aspirated and deposited in a garbage bag. To do this, the thermal blower is changed into a 4-or 2-stroke thermal blower-grinder. The volume of gaseous pollutants depends on the type of engine.

This type of suction blower grinder makes it possible to carry out several functions that reduce the work of the user. Yes, the machine is heavier, but the time savings, in general, are significant. It is heavier than an electric model but the performance is convincing. In fact, the suction blower grinder can do everything and the crushed leaves and debris can be used directly to make compost.

Disadvantages do not preclude beneficial practices

Certainly, the use of thermal Blowers has drawbacks such as the relatively inconvenient weight for the less robust, the engine noisier than the electric models, the fuel consumption is not negligible, the regular maintenance more expensive and more complicated.

These disadvantages do not preclude consideration of the advantages. For example, the thermal blower, with an additional kit, can play the role of a thermal blower vacuum cleaner whose multi-functionality is announced above. With its autonomy, that is to say without wire or battery, it can be worn on the entire surface as wide as it is, and as long as possible. Moreover, it is more powerful than the electrical model. Although the latter can have a power of between 2500 and 3000 W, the power of the thermal between 25cm3 and 50cm3, perhaps up to 70m3, can cause a flow of air through the blow tube of between 150 and 500 km/h. if the model is changed to a blowing suction mill, the resulting compost contributes to the return on investment.