Things To do in Dubai in Your Next Vacation

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Things to do in Dubai in Your Next Vacation. If you are thinking of embarking on a world tour, then Dubai should be the first place you need to consider. The city in the desert as it is famously known boast of more features than you can imagine.

With Dubai as the starting point of your world tour, you may even have to cancel the rest of the places you intend to visit and stick to Dubai alone.

However, before embarking on your Dubai holiday, there are some things you may need to know to ensure you to ensure your stay there goes perfectly to plan. Consider the factors below for the best experience in Dubai.

  • Dubai is a safe city

Even though there has been some unrest in Dubai, Dubai gets regarded as the second most guarded place on earth. This safety report got released by the world economic forum agency. According to the report, of all the larger cities in the world, Dubai is the only city that has managed to maintain high safety standards.

Whereas other cities in the world get characterized by street crime prostitution among many other vices, none of these gets found in Dubai. The city authorities have managed to uphold higher safety standards, and if you on your world tour in Dubai then, then you will have the assurance of your safety on a Dubai holiday.

You will even be safer in night taxis or even walking on your own during the day or night anywhere in the city.  However, you may need to watch out for some individuals who engage in dangerous driving as most motorists tend to ignore crossing pedestrians.

  • Dubai rivals Orlando

Dubai has also invested heavily in theme parks to ensure it rivals the theme parks in Orlando, Florida. By the year 2016, Dubai had recorded four major theme parks amongst them, one of the largest theme parks in the world.

  • Weekends include Fridays

The Dubai authorities allow most people an off on Friday to go and worship. The reason for this is because Dubai is majorly an Islamic country.  The Muslims tend to gather for their prayers in congregations from 10 am, and these forces them to close down businesses to go and pray.

If you are on a world tour enjoying your Dubai holiday and a big fan of partying, then Thursdays will be the right time for you. During this time, there are so many places where partying goes on, and also this day gets packed with hundreds of people looking to shop.

  • Dubai is not a dry city.

If you are on your Dubai holiday and you would like to enjoy your favorite beer then worry not. There places in Dubai where you can buy your favorite drink like licensed bars and some other hotel extension that sells alcohol.

If you are lucky, you may even have the opportunity of getting awarded a free ear during the happy hour in most bars on Tuesdays.


If you are planning to go on a world tour and not so sure of where to go, then you need to prepare for a Dubai holiday. The city gets packed with almost everything you may need both for amusement or even shopping.