Things to do in Langkawi, Malaysia

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Langkawi is located in Malaysia and famous for many historical, modern, and Island places. It has laid back atmosphere; therefore, it is different than the other places in Malaysia. Whenever people came from different countries, they must visit Langkawi. Langkawi has amazing museums, shopping outlets, and Langkawi hotels.

The place is duty-free, and if you want shopping and want to do some photography, then this is the best place for tourists.

Here are the few things to do in Langkawi, Malaysia:

1: Visit Eagle Square

The place is also famous for Dataran lang in Malaysia. It is the main town on this Island, and when you came directly from Singapore to Langkawi flights, then you will see the statue of eagles. Moreover, if you want to go to other places like Taman Legenda, then Eagle square is nearest to different locations.

The best part is, you can go outdoors because there are different delicious food in all restaurants.

2: Visit the Mahsuri Tomb and Museum

 You may hear the story of Mahsuri. Exactly, this tomb is famous for Mahsuri, and tourists always came here to see this fascinating museum. Some people said that this tomb is cursed for seven generations. You can also read different stories of Mahsuri’s tomb in Malaysia.

3: Langkawi Cable Car

If you ever want to take a ride on a cable car in Malaysia. Don’t forget the Langkawi cable car. It will take you to the top of the mat Cincang mountain. The cable car time is 15 minutes, but those minutes are mind-blowing for your life. You may be amazed at different rainforests and waterfalls in the city.

The peak height of this cable car is 708 meters. If the environment is transparent and in shinny days, you may also see Sumatra, which is in Indonesia.

You will enjoy the Oriental village in Langkawi on this cable car ride.

4: Visit the Art in Paradise 3D Museum

Do you enjoy a rainy day? So, if you are here during the rainy days, then don’t forget to go to Paradise 3D Museum. Although you will get more than 200 artworks. There are different portions of a building. Each portion defines each theme of art, which includes the Egyptian Zone, safari zone, and Malaysian Zone.

If you want to stay here to see more art, then you can stay too. You will get luxury Langkawi hotels near the art in Paradise 3D.

5: Laman Padi Rice Garden

A massive amount of rice is available in Langkawi, and tourists usually want to know how it all works? 

If you are interested, then go to Padi Rice garden. You will get a green field of rice. Near the garden, you can visit the museum also and know well how rice is harvested and produced there?

Moreover, you can also plant rice there, but you need to take shoes off and get a fantastic experience.

Final Words

Langkawi is a place to come to see different lights, arts, culture, hoteling, and much more. The sky bridge in Langkawi is the amazing and longest bridge of 125 meters.

So, If you ever go there, let us share your experience.