Things To Do In New York

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Things To Do In New York. Finding the best things to do during your first visit to New York can easily make you feel overwhelmed. It is one of the largest metropolises on the planet with the most visitors. You can feel lost even if you have visited this huge city many times before.

We will provide you with a list of must-visit places in New York so that this is easy for you and you don’t miss anything. New York is huge, so do not get overwhelmed if you cannot visit all the sites at once, but make sure to visit and explore as many places as time allows on your first visit. After you’ve taken the bus from Montreal to New York, visit these fantastic places the most popular state has to offer.

1. Central Park

“Harry and Sally” argued here, Kevin Alone in New York had an intimate hug with the pigeon lady, and where Spiderman alias Peter Park comes to the data, many love stories end and start here.

 Forty million people visit the park every year, and you should also be part of this statistic.

2. Times Square

The nickname of this place is “The Center of the Universe”, New Yorkers avoid Times Square as if you can get plague there, but if you love the hustle and bustle you’re sure going to love it. It’s a place where you can see so many happy people coming together in one place, around the millions of Marvel at advertising lights.

3. Empire State Building

The world’s most famous skyscraper, where King Kong fled with the love of his life, making this building New York’s greatest icon. If you weren’t up here on your New York visit, you weren’t really in New York. Save yourself the queue and buy the tickets in advance.

4. Brooklyn Bridge

New York has five large bridges Manhattan, Williamsburg, Queensboro, Verrazzano and George Washington Bridge, and then there is a bridge that is more than just a bridge: Brooklyn Bridge! 

It was the first large suspension bridge on the planet, and initially, a circus director with ten elephants had to walk over it to convince people of the stability. The view is incredible, and a walk over the bridge is a MUST, something not to be missed! The best way to end your Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn Tour or your Walking Tour with an adventurous Subway Trip.

5. Statue of Liberty

The symbol of freedom worldwide, and it stands with a torch in the right hand. It’s a tourist sensation and worth every marvelous stare.

7. Subway ride

Every subway trip has the potential to become an experience that you don’t want to forget or never want to experience again. It is the cheapest, after the bike the most environmentally friendly, but also the fastest means of transport, assuming it runs smoothly. A one-way ticket costs $ 2.75, and a weekly ticket costs $ 32. Under no circumstances should you go home without an underground selfie.

8. So-ho and Village

Not surprising that most of the superstars live here, it’s probably the most beautiful part of Manhattan. With numerous shops and restaurants, you will also find great architecture and the most interesting characters in New York. Tourists stop here only on Broadway or take a picture in front of the apartment of Sex and the City main character “Carrie”, walk a little through the side streets you will feel like in a movie. You can familiarize with the places they are shown in the movie and also visit the place where they filmed the evergreen series “Friends”.

9. Rooftop bar

If you love rooftop bars, New York offers you many, where else can you enjoy your drink with a view of Empire and other skyscrapers. Spend an evening on one of the many rooftop bars in the city.

Try the different delicacies this city has to offer and take in the magic of all that New York has to offer.

10. Rockefeller Plaza

During the Christmas season, New York is a winter wonderland, and the center is at Rockefeller Plaza, where the most famous Christmas tree in the world is standing and looks at the most famous ice rink on the planet, but also during all other seasons, this place is worth a visit and the observation deck Top of the Rock with a breathtaking view of Central Park.

11. Grand Central

It is one of the best if not the most beautiful train station you have ever visited that feels anything but a train station. Look in the basement, there is a lot to eat, including a shake shack. You can take great souvenirs from the stores located to take memories back for friends and family.

12. A cruise

The skyline seen from the water cannot be compared to anything else. You can find it even more exciting at night with the millions of lighters, but that is a matter of taste. Definitely go on a boat trip, either free of charge with the Staten Island Ferry or one of the many cruises New York offers such as Bateaux New York Dinner Cruise or Circle Line.

13th Broadway Show

The most famous street in the world “Broadway” and it came to fame with the shows. They are a big part of New York and have transformed the climate from what was once the red light district to Disney Land Times Square. Every year 15 million people visit the shows, a billion-dollar business.

14. High Line Park

After seeing that people in New York even made money with old rails, you might get fascinated with all that the city has to offer.

High line park might become your favourite part to take a walk in New York, and you should definitely do it and visit the Chelsea Market at the end and have a doughnut there.

15. Wall Street

A photo with the bull or his estate is a must for any New York visitor. Around the corner is the most famous trading exchange in the world, Wall Street, and there are also beautiful photo motifs such as the big American flag or George Washington, the first president of the USA.


New York is the most popular state, and the city is as famous as the state it is in. You can take bus tours which will help you take in the charm of the city, and you can also take walking tours which will give you the chance of mingling with people and taking in the views and culture more closely.

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