Things to Know When Ordering Challenge Coins

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It may be possible that you don’t even know what is Challenge coin? You may be ordering it for the first time. It may also be possible that you have a rack that is already filled with the challenge coin and every year you make an order for your team or business. In both the case it is primitive to know some basic ideas that are meant to be considered before making your next order. So, here are the 10 steps that can be helpful to you when you are engaging in designing your challenge coin and ordering the next set soon.

1) It’s not mandatory that it should be round in shape

In history, the challenge coins were meant to be in the shape of the coin but today, it has a variety of shapes and colours that you may go for. There could be any design or colour as per your choice. It could be a star, a flag, a spaceship, a skull, etc.

2) Check for the details and spellings

You should always check for any error in the beginning phase of your design process and it should be free from any error. You need to spot out at every detail with multiple checks before your coins go for the production.

3) Adding Face? Offset on 2D!

You may be thinking about putting the picture of someone on your coin, it is important to know that offset print can do your job more efficiently and it is being used for the most of the coin designs. You can also make the “to be printed face” in a 2D design. It is recommended to make 3D faces on to the challenge coin.

4) 3D printing is the next level in the world of Coins 

If you are looking for any particular element or a face at the coin, 3D is the best solution for your requirement. A texture could be felt with more and more details on the face of a coin. 

5) Minimum order value

There could be the minimum order value that you need to reach for the successful placement of your order. The higher the quantity, the cheaper will be the price. All you need first is to find out the top challenge coin company where you can even not need to comply with the minimum quantity to be ordered. You may just be looking for a sample and in that case, ordering even a single coin can also help you a lot. 

6) Revisions in Design

It may be possible that you did not like the work in the first place or else you may have decided for a bit change after looking at the first design, there should be revisions so that the process could be hassle-free for you.

7) No design? No problem

If you do not have any designers, then it is not an issue and the online platforms have their own designers who can get their work done with much ease and on the top, with professionalism.

8) Epoxy: Not a necessity

The epoxy was required in the earlier ages so that the coin could be prevented from the rust and paint could be protected whenever coin falls off your hands. The epoxy could even make it harder to see the details on the face of the coin. Today, epoxy no longer required.