Things You Never Knew About Zumba

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Things You Never Knew About Zumba. Today’s generation is very much conscious about fitness. For this, there are many ways which the youth adopts to keep themselves fit. Zumba is one of those ways which has stimulated music and fitness in the last decade. Zumba is considered as one of the best ways to lose body fat and increase the overall body stamina. There are many famous centers for Zumba in Chennai. There are a lot of other physical and psychological benefits of Zumba, which may not be known to many of the people. In this article, we are going to discuss the things which probably you did not know about Zumba. So, without any further delay, let’s get started.

  • Origin of Zumba: Once a famous Colombian aerobics instructor in the early 90s, forgot to carry his set of music tapes for his aerobics classes. But he could not skip the classes because of this reason. He is also a very good Latin dancer. So, he just went to his car, brought the Latin music tapes with him and played those tapes in the class. He started mixing the aerobics exercises and the Latin moves. That was the first-ever unofficial Zumba class ever. Since that time, it is being known as “Happy accident”.
  • Zumba and strength training: To the knowledge of many people, Zumba is definitely a cardio workout, but then what about strength training and building muscles? Actually, Zumba fitness is a type of cardio variant which is a combination of both strength training and Cardio. It involves overhead raises and chest presses.
  • Best way to tone your body up: According to many types of research done by the experts, Zumba is the best exercise that can be done in order to tone your body up. It is a total body workout and can also be used to burn some extra calories in some specific spots if done under the coaching of a good Zumba trainer.
  • Zumba is a happy drug: Zumba is called a happy drug by many of the experts. This is because there is a scientific reason behind it. If you do Zumba on a daily basis, it will help you in lowering the level of the stress hormones in your brain and helps in keeping your mood light. Moreover, the environment in which the person performs the Zumba usually said to be an electrifying joy.
  • Different specialties in Zumba: You will be surprised to know, but Zumba is not only of one type. There are different types of Zumba styles that are meant for achieving different types of fitness goals and to address different types of persons and their requirements. There is a type called Zumba toning which is done by using some weights, which are not actual dumbbells but are Zumba toning sticks. There is a special type of Zumba type, which is tailored specially for the kids. Which is known as “Zumbatomic”. Not only this, Zumba can also be done in the pool. It is done in case you don’t want more stress on the joints and you want more resistance. This type of Zumba is called “Aqua Zumba”.

At last, it can be said that Zumba is not like those boring fitness sessions where you have to lift the heavyweights, while you are yelling at yourself in your mind. It is a type of fitness regime that is more fun, energetic and enjoyable. Thus, you should join Zumba classes in Chennai as soon as possible.