Most Important Things You Should Ask Your Knee Replacement Specialist

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Knee surgery is done to treat severe arthritic issues. For knee replacement surgery it is advisable to consult with an experienced orthopedic specialist. If after a thorough diagnosis, it is found that your condition requires knee surgery, you must not delay that.

To get knee surgery done make sure you find the best knee replacement hospital in India. It should be a well-maintained and fully operational hospital with trained staff.

To be prepared before you go for the surgical treatment, here are a few questions you should ask your knee replacement surgeon.

Ask about the type of surgery for you

Always ask the surgeon about all the surgical options there is. Depending upon your knee condition, the doctor will recommend the most suitable treatment option. You must talk about the procedure so that you can better prepare. The surgical procedures depend on certain factors such as age, previous medical conditions, any other knee surgeries, etc. Some of the most common knee surgeries are total knee replacement, partial knee replacement, knee arthroscopy, and cartilage repair.

Since the decision rests upon the surgeon, you must consult with the best knee replacement surgeon in India.

Ask About The Expected Result

It is one of the essential things to ask your surgeon. Before you plan for a surgical procedure, ask the surgeon about the possibility of the positive outcome of the surgery. Most of the patients who undergo knee surgeries get relief from pain and swelling. They can move with more flexibility.

Ask If There Are Complications

Risk factors and complications are common with any surgery. It is a smart idea to have prior knowledge about any such difficulties in knee surgeries. A few complications that might occur in rare cases are blood clots, infection or tissue damage. But the complication rate is meager in knee surgery. The best way to become aware of such risks is by communicating with your surgeon regarding the procedure and post-treatment effect.

Ask About Pain

You may think that you will suffer from a lot of pain after surgery. However, the level of discomfort varies from patient to patient and also depends upon the type of surgery. Pain medication is given to help with managing the pain, although you can always use resources like the CFAH website to read up about natural pain relievers that you could use as well. In some cases, post-surgery therapy is also done while the patient is still in the hospital. The doctor will also recommend some vitamins and supplements to help the patient recover soon. You may also require physiotherapy to manage the pain.

Ask About The Recovery Process

This is a question that comes to mind before anything. But only your surgeon can tell you about the recovery time. This is not the same for everyone. And certain things have to be maintained to be able to recover soon. The doctor may recommend using a walker or crutch for some time before your knees gain strength and flexibility.

So now that you know what to ask, you can interact with a knee replacement surgeon in a better way and get the best possible treatment available for you or your loved ones.