Tips for making the perfect floral arrangement

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It is no lie to say that flowers are the most alluring and fascinating thing in this world. It not only relaxes and calms our minds, but when a loved one gifts bloom to us, it brings a beautiful smile on our faces.

Every event, whether it is small or grand, is incomplete without flowers.

The perfect method of revealing your feelings to someone is by giving bloom. Presenting flowers on any occasion like Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Anniversary, or Birthday, will become the voice of your heart.

If you are looking for flower arrangements for an event or you want to make someone’s day memorable. You can buy them through stores or make your order booking online through places like  Uniting Flowers. Make sure whatever option you select, check the quality of flowers. 

We have been watching and admiring the gorgeous flower arrangements made by designers, but have you ever tried arranging them yourself? I am sure. If you do it yourself, the person for whom you are making efforts will appreciate it more. So, if you are planning to make your special moment a little extraordinary, you are in the right place. Here you will get to know the best “tips for making the perfect flower arrangement.”

The following are some of the tips that will bring out your artistic side.

  • Select the flowers

There are a trillion kinds of flowers. Oops Sorry! For sounding a little exaggerating. There are many types of flowers, and still, a lot more is yet to discover.

You can select one or more than one flower according to your preference. The bulbs should have a color complementing each other. And what can be better than if you select flowers from the same family?

You can choose your flowers according to the season and their availability. Some flowers are exclusively expensive, and no one wants to sell their things to buy those extraordinarily fancy flowers.

Therefore, choose a flower which will be easy for your pocket, and you can buy in large quantities if you are planning more than one flower arrangement. 

  • Assemble material

Before you start your work, make sure that you gather everything, so while arranging your flowers, you don’t get panic. For organizing the flowers, you will need a vase, an empty bowl or basket, scissors, transparent tape,  sponge, and a knife.

  • Cut the stems

Cutting of stem is essential to increase the surface area for more excellent water absorption.  It is even more necessary for flowers that have wooden stems Like lilac because  water does not freely absorb through such flowers. It also prevents air bubbles accumulation in the stem.

You can cut 3 to 4 inches with an angle of 45 degrees. The cutting of stem will not cause suction at the bottom of the vase, and the absorption will be much better. 

  • Get rid of leaves

If you desire to make your flower arrangement long-lasting, then you should get free of leaves that come along.  The bacterias are more prone to attacking and spoiling the leaves, resulting in a short life of bloom as well.

If you ave decided to make leaves, part of your flower arrangement. In that scenario, you can use some leaves also, but then you cannot expect a long life of flowers. The most common reason for adding leaves in the flower arrangement is that it reduces the overall cost because solely plums are more expensive.

  • Shorter the flowers longer they survive

Yes!  It is true because when you use flowers with shorter stalk, the distance for water absorption decreases. The quick transport of water from the stem to flower will result in the long-life of your amazingly attractive blooms.

  • Flowers can hurt

I know it sounds quite obnoxious, but the fact talk is “flowers can hurt.” In a flower shop, we observe workers performing their tasks in minutes because they are professionals. But if you are a new learner or you are making a flower arrangement for the first time, you must take some extra precautions.

Flowers, especially rose, consists of thorns that can injure you. So it is crucial to remove all of them with the help of a stem scrapper or knife before you start working.  This should be done in the beginning, to prevent any unintentional cuts or bleeds.

  • Some extra affection to roses

Roses are the most gorgeous and delicate flowers which require some extra pampering. Usually, the uppermost petal of the flower is a little spoilt one, which you need to remove. While doing it, you have to be extra careful so that you do not damage the bloom.

  • Grid method

The grid method is the quickest and easiest process by which you can arrange your flowers. For this procedure, you will need a floral or transparent tape which you will apply erratically on the top of the vase. The ends of the tape should be half or lesser than an inch. Now, after making it, you can easily place the blooms, and they will not change their position.

  • Sponge method

The purpose of this method is similar to the grid method because it also gives the firm shape to the flower arrangement. In this method, you will soak a  sponge in water. Then you will place it in a bowl where you want to make your flower arrangement.

The angled cutting of the stamp will make the stalk slightly short, so you can easily stick it to this foam. However, one drawback of this shape is that the blooms will not have enough water to absorb because the foam will soak most of the water.

  • Arrangement of flowers

The most important rule of the arrangement of flowers is the longer flowers should be placed first. The shorter flowers should be arranged next, and the most concise flowers should be left for the end.

  • Perfect color choice

While arranging the flowers, make sure that your color choice is attractive and appealing. This will help to enhance the final look of the flower arrangement. If you are using more than two flowers type, each bloom should complement each other.

  • Fill all the spaces

The more filled your flower arrangement will be,  the more gorgeous and fascinating it will look. While arranging the flowers, keep turning the vase so that you can notice which spot required more blooms.

  • Give them water

As we have discussed earlier, that water is vital for the survival of flowers. So if you are arranging your flowers in a vase or any pot, do add some water at the bottom.

Final thought  

The flower arrangement sounds a little tricky or complicated, but actually, it is an effortless task which everyone can do. We spend a lot of money to the designers and professionals to make this arrangement for us. If we do slight practice, we can save a lot of money and make our moments more magical.