Tips for Parents to Attract Their Child to Reading

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The best friend and adviser for children is a book. Its power is enormous. The book is knowledge, good thoughts, help in work and study, rest. It is not enough to have a good book, it is necessary to teach children to use it. Lauren Grabois Fischer has the perfect collection and all her books teach kids to be proud of who they are. The Be Books is a children’s book publishing company that believes in empowering and educating our youth to live a positive and peaceful life.

Remember that only intelligent, well-organized reading can benefit. Do you want your child to read? Take into account these good advice and your wishes will be fulfilled.

Some tips for parents to attract their child to reading.

I wonder if the child often sees adults reading around him/her? Useless are our demands, exhortations or advice to take up a book, if at this moment we are preparing to sit down in front of the TV to watch the next “soap” series. The view of the shelves in the apartment, filled to the ceiling with books, will not save you either. After all, sometimes in the evenings we do not pick up anything but a simple illustrated magazine, and we justify this by our own fatigue.

Let’s try to ask ourselves the question: is the book really such a value for us, without which we can not live? Most adults will answer in the affirmative and at the same time, do not lie at all. They read avidly at night, scoured in search of the necessary book, discussed what they had read with friends… Do we want to pass these values on to our son or daughter?

The easiest thing to do is to remember where the library is located near our house. Naturally,the kid will go to the nursery himself/herself. But you can visit an adult library together – it’s good if the child sees how exciting it is for you-choose a book to your liking.

The holiday can be a joint trip to the bookstore, and the right to choose should be given to the child. When buying books for the baby, it is better to give preference to proven children’s classics. Pay attention to the illustrations (they should not be primitive or intimidating) and the font (it is better if the letters are the same size and shape as in the primer).

If we want to help choose a book for an older child, a teenager, we do not forget that the world around us is changing very quickly, whether we like it or not. A different pace of life, a different language and style of communication, images imposed by television… But this does not mean that nothing can be done. Worried that the son swallows one after another “horror movies” or primitive children’s detective stories? My daughter is interested in vulgar, from our point of view, “women’s novels”? Do not dramatize the situation. Experts say that after reading several books of the same type, the child becomes satiated. This will be the right moment to move on to better literature. But at first, interest in it must be maintained due to the fascination and dynamism of the storyline.