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As the saying goes April showers bring the May flowers. As we get out of summers it is again that time of the year when hairy rain starts. The only thing that takes that beating is your lawn. Fighting the battle alone at the frontier while you are enjoying your hot tea inside looking at the rain from your window.  Read about Lawn Aerator

DID YOU KNOW? Grass can’t survive the rain much longer than 4 days. Continuous rain can cause your grass to become flooded and waterlogged. Grass needs oxygen too, and the water from the rain produces airgaps in the soil which is killing your grass.

Lawn disease: –
Heavy rainfall can cause grass roots to rot causing a yellow pattern in your grass which is called a lawn disease and once this disease occurs, a proper lawn diagnosis is needed. You need to put a proper fungicide to stop this disease and once the disease is under control grass will grow back from the damaged areas but if the entire lawn was effected then sodding might be the quickest way to rebuild the lawn.

Nutrients loss: –
Loss of nutrients can also be caused if your lawn is receiving too much water because important nutrients get washed away during heavy rain. Heavy rain can also cause soil erosion and that’s why you should be extra conscious about taking care of your lawn in rainy days.

Weed growth: –
During a heavy rainy season, there is much chance that your lawn grows many weeds which are often really difficult to fight. The best way is to plan for the problem before you actually face it. So keeping a weed eater in your household would be a bonus point for you. There are three types of weed eaters which include corded electric weed eaters which have unlimited run time easy startup but lacks in mobility. The second one is a cordless weed eater which is highly portable and provides quiet operation but lacks battery trimming, you can hardly use it for a couple of hours. The third one and the best category of weed eater is gas-powered weed eaters which are extremely powerful give longer runtimes so you can be confident of trimming large sections in one go. gas powered weed eater Read about Sod Cutter

Other things which you should keep in mind during rainy weather.

Take care of the moss: –
Heavy rainfall can cause moss to grow in your lawn which you can take away but you might need professional help in this work so that they won’t grow again.

Keep off the foot: –
Keep your foot away from the wet grass. Don’t talk on the grass unnecessarily when it’s wet because this can make your grass blades damaged so what you should do is wait until the rainwater subside completely from the grass. A pro tip here for you is you know it’s the right time to talk when you should be able to walk on it without leaving footprints behind. Fertilizers: –
You should keep applying the fertilizer to your lawn so you can replenish the lost nutrient from the grass. You should continue doing this even after you see improvement in the grass for healthy and powerful roots. It is recommended to keep some amount of good quality fertilizer at your home.