Tips To Take Care Of Your Lawn

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Once the winter starts to approach, and autumn nearly ends, you probably begin concentrating on other things and neglect your lawn. However, do you know autumn is the best time to upgrade to clean your yard? With the occasional rainfall and pleasant climate, autumn becomes perfect for lawn care in Atlanta. Unfortunately, there are many homeowners who live by the misconception that fall is the time when they can avoid lawn tasks since grasses grow really slow. 

But the reality is just the opposite. Readers may note that this is the time when the grasses are absorbing nutrients, moisture, and energy for the upcoming winter. Paying a little bit of attention now will make your garden flourish healthily. You can call lawn care Atlanta company to take care of the task, and if it is you who is the boss behind the lawn care task, here are some tips that will help you. 

Don’t stop mowing 

Whenever you get a chance, you should water, as well as mow your lawn throughout the autumn. Once autumn comes to an end, choose the lowest setting on for the mower’s blade. This way, more sunlight will penetrate through the grass, and the grass will become less brown when the winter season approaches. Do remember that while using the lower blade, you need to trim only one-third of the grass and not more than that. 

Time to aerate the soil 

To ensure that grassroots are receiving fertilizer, water, and oxygen in the right way, don’t forget to aerate your grass. There are lawn care Cumming companies who will do it for you at a much affordable cost. This way, you will not have to lift any finger, and the professional will aerate the lawn soil and leave it like a brand-new garden. The process will involve punching holes into the soil; this is done to extract plugs of dirt.  

Don’t forget to rake the leaves 

No one likes the idea of gathering the leaves. It is a long and tedious process. But if you want your lawn to look clean throughout the winter, you will have to collect the leaves. Remove all the fallen leaves that are there in the garden. Also, you don’t have to wait for the leaves to fall from the trees to begin the process. If you wait, all the leaves will become wet because of morning dew, and you will struggle really hard when you reck. Plus, damp grass means fungal diseases as well. 

You can either call a professional or use a lawnmower that comes with a collection bag. This method is suitable for people who have a massive lawn. If you don’t have a reck, you can use the lawnmower. The ultimate agenda is to remove the leaves. 


Lawn carers will often advise you to add fertilizers in the lawn during the fall. The reason is that during fall, the grass grows quite slowly, and the weather is cold as well. When you fertilize the garden during the fall season, it delivers the critical nutrients to the grass that they need, and the grasses are also able to keep the nutrients intact for the next spring. If you can’t do it on your own, instead rely on someone who can do it for you. 

Bald spots have to be filled 

Does your lawn have a few bald and bare spots, if so, then it is a great time to have them fixed? You can get a lawn repair mixture that will make your entire process of bald spot-fixing easy and effortless. You will easily find it in garden sports, and if you wish, you can pick one from the home center as well. This will be a ready-to-use mixture. It will have fertilizer and will contain grass seed. Scratch lose the soil by using a garden rake. Fill up the bald sports. After that, take a thick layer of the mixture that you have purchased and spread it all over. 


You can get in touch with Arbor- Nomics Turf if you want your lawn to be taken care of by the professionals. Go ahead and connect with only a reliable team that will enhance your garden.