Top 3 Autumn Wedding Ideas in 2019

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Autumn is here and you and your significant other are about to get married. You obviously want your wedding ceremony and reception to stand out. You don’t want it to be like every other wedding you’ve been to. Plus, you’d like to keep up with the latest fall wedding trends as well.

For some people, besides having an amazing wedding, they also want to go on an incredible fall honeymoon. But honeymoons are expensive. This is especially true if you and your better half have to pay for your wedding.

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With that said, we will now take a look at the best wedding ideas in 2019 and beyond. Please use these recommendations to improve your autumn wedding dresses and make them extra special.

Autumn Wedding Idea #1: Choose Autumn Themed Colors for Your Reception

Autumn Wedding

When decorating for your wedding reception, make sure you pick autumn themed colors. You can get autumn-themed table cloths, napkins, napkin holders, and other accessories. While you’re at it, you can even have the bridesmaids wear fall colored wedding dresses, you can check it out here.

Just make sure you get the overall color scheme correct. You want to decorate using tans, browns, oranges, and rust colors. They are the colors of autumn and they are the colors that are going to make this fall wedding seem extra special.

Autumn Wedding Idea #2: Add a Velvet Touch to the Wedding Reception

Whether you realize it or not, velvet is all the rage these days and adding velvet to your wedding reception is certainly a good idea. You can use blue and autumnal tones that will definitely make it feel like it’s fall outside. But adding touches of velvet scattered throughout the venue will definitely make it seem extra special.

What should be made of velvet? Well, the table settings, napkins, and the furniture certainly spring to mind. Consider putting velvet ribbons around menus and programs, or even add these gorgeous ribbons to the backs of chairs. Hair accessories can be made of velvet and if you’re really feeling adventurous, you may even decide to wear velvet shoes on your wedding day.

Autumn Wedding Idea #3: Be Fearless with Your Fashion

Everybody has seen a traditional white wedding dress a billion times at this point. Do you really want to look like every other bride that has come before you? Or would you rather be fearless with your fashion instead? Would you prefer to really stand out and have the entire wedding reception take notice?

It’s your big day so you have the right to dress however you want. No one says you have to wear a plain white wedding dress. You can wear your favorite florals or prints and make sure they match the autumn season. This will make you stand out and really look unique on your wedding day.

You can also choose to dress edgy wearing fashion-forward pieces that will absolutely make you stand out and show everyone that you have a serious style. Your wedding dress can have as high or as low of hem as you want. You can have a high neckline or a low neckline if that’s what you choose. Just remember to dress breathtaking, unconventional, and definitely innovative and everyone will compliment you on your gorgeous wedding attire.

Final Thoughts

Fall themed weddings are currently one of the hottest wedding trends. Forget about hosting a traditional springtime wedding. Wait for summer to end and have a beautiful wedding in the fall instead. It will be less expensive and you won’t have to worry about any of your friends and family members being on vacation and missing your big day. Plus, these fall wedding ideas are perfect to help you have an amazing wedding ceremony and reception.